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Video: Church Members Sign Petition to Have Pastor Orlando D. Franklin Removed


New Galilean Baptist Church is Jackson, Mississippi had its foundation rocked over the weekend! According to reports, nearly 300 members of the congregation signed a petition to have Pastor Orlando D. Franklin removed from the church. As a result of “problems with leadership”, the church’s members demanded Pastor Franklin leave, however, he locked himself in his office, as seen in the video below.

As of now, Pastor Franklin hasn’t made any public comment in regard to the situation. However, a few members of the church have been vocal about their displeasure in Pastor Franklin’s leadership:

“He silences people,” church member Randall Bolden said. “If you don’t agree with him then you can’t talk. And somebody wanted to say something on the mic previously and there have been three instances when people have tried to talk in church and he turned off the mic. And he said you’re not allowed to talk. I am the head, basically. And that’s the problem that we’ve had.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Larry Wilkins

    March 25, 2015 at 11:48 AM

    St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California is going through the exact same thing. The members signed a petition to have the Board follow the Bylaws and have the vote to keep or terminate the pastor. The Board refused to allow the members to have a vote; therefore, the members took the pastor and Board to court and sued them to have the vote. The court ruled the members shall have the vote because it was stated in the Bylaws to do so. The pastor was voted out, but he refuses to leave. Now he wants to file an appeal with the Appellate Court! In the meantime, the membership has dwindled; the Sunday School classrooms are barren; the finances have dwindled; the church property is neglected. Read it all at or at Praying for New Galilean Baptist Church. Satan is a lie.

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