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DRK 2 LGHT Super Group Ready Second Single Release

CD Porter, Javon Inman, and Rob Mercer emerged from Washington DC as individual talents with award-winning careers and ministries.  The three joined together in a 2016 West Africa mission and music trip which inspired them to create a musical force and super-group called DRK 2 LGHT.  In 2020 they released their debut hit single and video “He Keeps On”.

DRK 2 LGHT has unified their individual strengths as songwriters, musicians, and singers with blended styles spanning from Urban-soul to traditional Gospel.  The trio throw in a chunk of funk and hint of pop-rock to their foundation of worship music to create their sound to be forever branded as DRK 2 LGHT.

CD, Javon, and Rob are continually creating music and are now set to release their second single “Fix My Heart”.  “Fix My Heart” is written by Javon and produced by Tone Jonez who also produced the group’s first single.  “Fix My Heart” is going for adds and airplay at Gospel radio now and will be available on all digital music outlets on April 23.

“Fix My Heart” is a rock-driven head-banger song that has a soulful chorus that gives the track heat!  The trio delivers the song with a powerful performance and ministers the lyrics with heart.

“Any great song perfectly marries melody and message,” Rob shares. “That’s what Javon has written with FIX MY HEART.  It’s a fiery cry from a broken place and God never rejects a contrite heart.”

“Fix My Heart” continues to validate DRK 2 LGHT in Christian music as it is rare to have an all-male African-American trio group of singers with such talent, marketability, and dedication to ministry and the artform.

Through their growing catalog of music, their authentic bond of brotherhood and passion to see people delivered, DRK 2 LGHT is proving to let their light shine before men so that God will be glorified!


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