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Y’anna Crawley Hits The Stage with Her Own One Woman Stage Play!

One Woman Show Promo IIY’Anna is on a crusade to use her life’s experiences to impact the lives of woman from another angle.  This still requires her to use her voice.  However, she’ll be using it to speak about the secret struggles that many teens, women (young/old) suffer in silence with regards to low self esteem, depression and emotional abuse.

Y’Anna has been working for more than two years now on her one woman stage play. “MY REALITY MY DESTINY”..

This one woman show chronicles significant moments in Y’Anna’s life from her childhood leading up to her national platform as an artist.  The play consist of demonstrative monologue, vivid visual content, and an incredible music montage deliberately orchestrated to connect the audience with the story.   She’s partnered with Joshua Jenkins and his Press Play Company to produce this effort.

Joshua is the eldest son of First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Senior Pastor John K. Jenkins, and has been making waves as a producer/playwright for over 12 yrs.   He uses the medium of theater to present often taboo subject matter to the faith base market place with an emphasis on deliverance, and healing.

In this fifty (50) minute presentation.  Y’Anna exposes her bouts with low self-esteem, as a result of her displacement from her biological father at the tender age of 3months old.  This caused her to have a negative self image as she battled confidence issues as a full figured pre-teen.  She later became a teenage mom experienced emotionally abusive relationships,  and even sacrificed her musical aspirations/dreams because of the struggles she experienced with her identity for years.

Watch Y’Anna as she Boldy, Confidently and Unapologetically STANDS in her truth to release women from the bondage of emotional scares.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Barbara Bender

    October 14, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    Good Moring Ray, check this out

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