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Worship Minister and Songwriter Terrell Hunt Announces Forthcoming Sophomore Project

terrellA young minster of music stepped into the gospel music industry as a soloist with a fervent passion for worship, and a clear goal of establishing his ministry as a Levitical movement for the building, enrichment and advancement of God’s Kingdom.  Over the many years of singing in choirs, singing background for some of the most noted artists in Christian and Gospel music, traveling internationally and growing as an entrepreneur, Terrell Hunt continues to build and share his gifts and is releasing a long-awaited new single “God Said It”.  The 2009 Stellar Award nominee for Best New Artist of the Year is back with a churchy, high-energy faith booster available on iTunes now.

“God Said It” is the first release from Terrell’s forthcoming 2014 live project FLOWING RIVER.  This will be his sophomore installment and follow up to his acclaimed debut CD AWESOME.

With “God Said It’ being the first glimpse of what is to come, Terrell took a moment to expound on FLOWING RIVER and his unique creative approach that is conceptually taken from scriptures Ezekiel 47:8-9, 12, John 7:37-39 and Romans 8:19.

Terrell explains:  In Ezekiel 478-9, 12, the Prophet’s description of his vision speaks of water that flowed through the temple and out into the desert, healing its waters and bringing life and nourishment to the Earth.  We are taught in John 7:37-39 that the biblical symbolism of water is the Spirit of God.  Finally Romans 8:19 closes out the thematic concept letting us know that even all of creation is standing still, waiting for the true sons and daughters of God to arrive and I believe those ‘true sons and daughters’ are those who possess and carry the spirit of God, bringing life and nourishment to the Earth.

FLOWING RIVER will take the listener on a journey of seeking, praying for and receiving the spirit of God.  It will be the soundtrack that will navigate the listener through the process of becoming Acts 2:17 sons and daughters – those who prophesy, see visions and who dream dreams.

Since the release of my first project AWESOME, I’ve gone through a process of restoration, renewal and release.  Right before the recording of FLOWING RIVER, I went on a life-changing trip to Nigeria that was planned for two weeks, but I ended up staying a month and a half.  I was invited to go and coach a mass choir of one of the largest churches in Nigeria.  Seeing and experiencing their worship was indescribable and it changed my whole worship experience.  It also awakened my own creativity and writing style even more and moved me into thinking out-of-the-box.  It was there in Nigeria that I wrote “God Said It”.

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