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Wayne Chaney Jr. Urges Unleash ‘Your Miraculous Potential’

waynePastor Wayne Chaney, Jr. explains in laymen’s terms in his new book, Your Miraculous Potential, how to surpass human limitations and release the power of God into all areas of life.

The process begins, he says, with a passion to know God and learn to clearly hear His voice. The desire to surpass one’s natural abilities, Chaney maintains, is an innate human desire.

“We are all wired with a sense that there is more to our existence than we experience day-to-day,” he says. “This desire is without question a craving for the fulfillment of a potential that often goes untapped.”

Pastor Wayne Chaney, Jr.

Pastor of Antioch Church of Long Beach, CA, Chaney is a well-known and respected spiritual leader inside and outside of his community. As one who does his best to practice what he preaches, Chaney expanded his scope of work and joined the cast of the Oxygen TV Network’s hit reality shows, Preachers of LA.

In Your Miraculous Potential, Pastor Chaney lays out steps for readers to release the miraculous in their lives through learning to hear and understand God’s voice, discovering God’s plan for their lives, and removing the barriers that prevent the miraculous from taking root.

Reactions to Your Miraculous Potential are overwhelmingly positive with Christian leaders:

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Jack R. Taylor, President of Dimensions Ministries:

“Read this volume carefully, commit yourself to God without reservation, and begin moving in your limitless potential.”

Samuel Chand, bestselling author and leadership consultant:

“Your Miraculous Potential will unlock the potential you were born with. Read this book and walk into your miraculous potential.”

Kenneth C. Ulmer, Presiding Bishop of Macedonia International Bible Fellowship:

“Every once in a while the kingdom of God releases a fresh voice with a fresh vision. Wayne Chaney is the manifestation of this truth. His book is not only an innovative examination of the Word and will of God, but it is presented in an articulate manner that will grip your heart and spirit with higher, deeper, broader, and wider possibilities.”

Pastor Chaney is a faith leader, a cultural trailblazer, and an entrepreneur who ministers nationally and internationally. He is a featured radio talk show host on Stevie Wonder’s KJLH 102.3 FM every Sunday and hosts a weekly radio show Real Life with Pastor Wayne and Myesha Chaney.


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