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Video: Trailer for “I’m In Love With a Church Girl” Starring Ja Rule and Adrienne Bailon


Rapper Ja Rule will be staring in the upcoming Gospel inspired film, “I’m in Love with a Church Girl.” The film, inspired by a true story, follows a successful entrepreneur haunted by a criminal past who finds faith and redemption when God puts a woman in his life. Ja Rule will play the lead role of a drug dealer trying to change his life when he meets that woman, a church girl, played by Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girls).

The heart-warming story is actually based on the true story of Pastor Galley Molina who wrote the script while in prison.

“In 1996, I was sentenced to five years in prison,” explained Molina. “During that time, even before I was arrested I was already attending church. It’s not like I went away and then found God. God and I were already having some time together. God used this; that’s why we tagline the movie ‘God sometimes uses extreme measures to deal with extreme circumstances.”

The pastor believes the rapper is the best person for the role saying, “Ja Rule has been ministered to. He’s a dear friend. We’ve been praying for him a lot. He’s been open; he’s been so receptive to the word.”The film is scheduled to be released October 18, 2013.


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