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Vashawn Mitchell to tour in 2020 in support of Elements project

Hailed as Gospel music’s connector, VaShawn Mitchell has spent a career being the plug for established and emerging artists, the real energetic, creative source for artists both as a writer, and producer all while charting a path of his own as an exceptional talent.

Combining impassioned lyrics, and stellar musicianship, VaShawn Mitchell has cultivated a hallmark sound that has always been and continues to be af?rming, inspiring and produces power-?lled songs. It’s these attributes that endure on ELEMENTS, Mitchell’s ?rst full project in three years.

ELEMENTS presents listeners with captivating, high-energy, and creative songs that point to God’s omnipotence. From the standout singles “God Can Do Anything,” “Wind of God,” and “Anything Is Possible,” to “Oh My God,” “My Praise,” “In Control,” the songs weave together the overall message of God’s unending, and limitless reach.

“When I talk about ‘elements’ most people think of the periodical chart or nature, or things of that sort … I think of the elements of life – like depression or joy, or rejection or love … the ups and downs of life,” explained VaShawn. “So over the last 20 years, those elements have played a big part in my development personally and musically. But it is also GOD’s elements that He sends. The wind to move a situation; the ?re to purify; the water to cleanse … so when you listen to every song, it incorporates all of that together.”

The two current singles are already making an impact on radio and online, “God Can Do Anything,” and “Wind Of God,” work in tandem as tent poles holding up the album. “I want people to understand and to know that God is still in the wind-blowing business. There’s no situation that he cannot move you from. He is in the ‘do-anything’ business.”

“I hope the takeaway from ELEMENTS, is that people not only listen to this music but start to internalize these elements in their life. Build up the notions that God CAN do anything [in their lives]; that God CAN blow their minds,” said Mitchell.

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2020 will see Vashawn tour in support of the Elements project.



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