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uGospel Radio Announces New Show, “In The Praise, In The Worship With Stephen Hurd”

uGospel Radio announces the addition of another show, “In The Praise, In The Worship With Stephen Hurd”, to its weekly programming. Hosting the new show is Praise and Worship Singer Stephen Hurd. “In The Praise, In The Worship With Stephen Hurd” will feature Praise & Worship songs of Hurd’s choice, as he discusses various related, interactive topics.

“Praise and Worship music is so important because it really, really feeds the soul. It helps the heart to experience God’s presence in a real way and also enlightens us. The music helps us to have clarity with God and the Holy Ghost. I love for people to experience God and to hear from Him and love on Him. The show is going to be amazing, it’s going to be incredible and the Lord is going to be with us”, says Hurd.

“In The Praise, In The Worship With Stephen Hurd” will be Hurd’s first return to radio since 1995, where he worked under Glad University for WHE radio in Washington, D.C.  It premieres on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 10:00 am until 1:00 pm EST and will air every Wednesday thereafter. The show is uGospel Radio’s second program, as “Billboard’s Top 20 Countdown With Y’Anna Crawley”, which airs Tuesday’s at 3:00 pm EST, is the first.

Stephen Hurd has distinguished himself as one of the leading voices in Praise and Worship Music. His songs “Revelations 19:1,” “Undignified” and “Lead Me To The Rock” are sung at faith gatherings around the globe. His latest album, “O That Men Would Worship” was designed as a tool to inspire men to take on a greater leadership role in conducting worship as the faithful assemble and for that role to make a residual impact on their personal lives and community.

uGospel Radio is currently #4 among internet radio stations in its market. uGospel Radio broadcasts 24-hours a day, wherever an internet connection is available. Music played on uGospel Radio varies from Traditional to Contemporary Gospel Music, and features both major and independent artists. The radio station will soon feature sermons, talk shows, live interviews and more interactive programs for listeners.

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