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uGospel eBlast Now Available For Deployment to Specific Markets, Regions or Areas in the U.S.A.

Urban Roundup Group, LLC. ( announces the launch of a new service for its faithful and much appreciated clients and email subscribers . The company’s award-winning eBlast, known as uGospel eBlasts, can now be segmented to any specific market, region or area. Previously, uGospel eBlasts were only available for deployment to the company’s entire database of approximately 320,000 unique subscribers.

“I’ve always thought it was a good idea to allow our clients to segment their eBlasts, but after listening to some of the feedback we’ve received over the years, I realize that the time is now to make this option available,” says Khalif M. Townes, President/CEO of Urban Roundup Group, LLC. “Our first priority is to always make our clients happy and we believe that we will continue to do so with this new service.”

After an evaluation of clients’ and email subscribers’ requests, Urban Roundup Group realizes it’s beneficial to segment their eBlasts service. uGospel eBlasts are still available for deployment to the entire database of subscribers, but now clients have the option to segment instead. This allows the client to effectively market whatever it is they’re choosing to promote.  Using a Geolocation Tracking System is how Urban Roundup Group made this feature possible.

The Geolocation Tracking System allows the company to see each subscriber’s location when they open an eBlast. By doing so Urban Roundup Group is able to document where everyone in its database views uGospel eBlasts from. A client’s IP address, which is provided by their ISP, allows the service to be accurate and effective. Segmented uGospel eBlasts are deployed to subscribers within a 150 mile radius around any point in the country.

Certain markets will feature discounted and fixed rates for deployment of a segmented eBlast. The amount of subscribers within a client’s desired market is available upon request. The cost of segmenting an eBlast is lower than deploying an eBlast to the entire database. Segmented eBlasts are less expensive because they’ll only be viewed by a fraction of the 320,000 unique subscribers.

An eBlast deployment to the entire uGospel eBlast database is usually for national promotion, while the segmented eBlasts are designed for local advertisement.  Segmenting an eBlast is beneficial to people who promote/plan/produce local events such as concerts, tour stops, book signings, album release parties, ministries, conferences, etc.

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