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Tyrese Gibson Says Jesus Christ Helped Him Overcome Fear

tyrese-gibsonModel, actor, and singer Tyrese Gibson, mononymously known as Tyrese, is mostly known for his racy R&B music and his role in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, but he’s also known for speaking about his Christian faith on social media.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the crooner discussed his struggle with doubt and fear, and urged others struggling with the same issue to trust in Jesus Christ.

“I am posting this for you, are you listening to me? While I’m saying this to you I’m saying it to myself, I’m saying to you. The spirit of doubt is real the feeling of letting go and walking away is real. But I’m here to remind of the power and the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and to tell you that the God I know wants you to learn during those dry spells, he wants you learn how to conquer fears and doubts,” Tyrese shared.

“Challenges build character, nothing that happens too fast will be appreciated wholeheartedly. I love you and if no one has told you this I want you to know that I do and your life is worth living. Your projects and visions will materialize. Your kids, nieces and nephews and family love you. If you’re like me finding yourself not being too close to your immediate family and you feel alone sometimes, don’t, because as long as you have God in your heart you are never alone,” He added.

Tyrese ended his post by asking for prayer to keep him covered and encouraged and he promised that would likewise prayer for his followers.

Gibson first emerged on the R&B scene in the late ’90s and since then has become a household name. He made his acting debut alongside Taraji P. Henson in the 2001 film “Baby Boy.” The Grammy-nominated singer is now also known for his motivational commentaries on social media.

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Last December, the California native also said he believes Jesus is the remedy to cure the insistent desire for relevance, fame and fortune.

“Fame is one of the biggest unspoken addictions. Over the years I’ve learned and discovered that people will do damn near anything to get it. Validation is a men’s and women’s silent killer,” he wrote.

“When you love yourself deep within. When you fall in love with Jesus and you’re completely submerged in Christ your heart and soul is fulfilled independent of what’s in your bank account and where you are on the charts.”

He ended the lengthy post by advising others to walk in obedience to their God-given assignment. Although having a rough upbringing, Tyrese has often said in video posts that he did not allow his setbacks to hold him back.

“I will continue to ?#?Boldly? walk into the unfamiliar, deal with rejection and doors slamming in my face from people not seeing my visions, climb invisible stairs and learn to dream with your eyes open. And more importantly even if others don’t understand or support you. Be obedient to all God given assignments and visions move on them and you will receive huge life changing blessings and reward on the other side of obedience. Trust me I know,” he concluded.

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