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Tyrese Gibson Rebukes ‘Spirit of Suicide’ on Social Media

tyrese-gibson-2Fans of Tyrese Gibson are used to reading his spiritual insights on social media from time-to-time. And two days ago the singer and action movie star rebuked spirits before millions of his followers.

In a lengthy Instagram post about turning to God during lonely times, the 37-year-old “Fast & Furious” star tackled the spirit of suicide.

“Because you’re alone doesn’t mean you’re ‘lonely.’ Don’t be like most and allow your horny or lonely or the spirit of ‘familiarity’ make you run back into something or to someone, or remain IN business with someone that you should of never been in with in the first place,” he wrote. … “I rebuke the spirit or quitting, surrendering, suicide or dropping OUT of school.”

Gibson began his post by assuring fans that God is listening to their prayers.

“God receives prayers in over 10,000 languages daily from around the world! He knows your heart,” Gibson wrote. “I hope He sends you all that your heart desires in your personal life, your family, your business and for Him to bless your visions, projects and ideas.”

While offering insight and prayer for others, Gibson admitted that he, too, struggles at times to put more of his faith in God.

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“Having faith in God’s favor and being aware of miracles and the power of God and all of His capabilities and still find myself trying to do everything myself. How can you have faith in HIM then find yourself trying to do HIS job,” he questioned. “Sometimes you just have to sit still, pray and allow God to open NEW DOORS and send you in NEW DIRECTIONS. That’s when you will be blessed.”

Before telling fans that he was praying for them, Gibson advised people to “learn to embrace and enjoy yourself by yourself.”

Earlier this year, the singer revealed that he focuses on his life’s purpose by praying in an intimate setting in the Watts community of Los Angeles that he grew up in.

“I’ve never shared this publicly but often times I come here in the middle of the night and pray,” Gibson wrote on Instagram in January. “It re-sparks my life’s purpose; it reminds me to stand tall and never let life’s challenges get the best of me.”

Although the entertainer has held strong to his Christian faith throughout the years, it seems those beliefs were strengthened when his mother overcame a health scare last year.

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“I’ve never had a doubt in my heart that God was real. But it can ONLY be the power of the Lord Jesus Christ that pulled her through,” he previously wrote on Instagram. “They took the tubes out, took her off of the the breathing machines, and today for the first time in eight days me and my mother TALKED. Her first words were ‘Hi Son.’ My mother, without saying, will be my date to the GRAMMYs — to God be ALL the glory.”



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