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Together We Stand Says “Enough is Enough”


CEO and Visionary of Together We Stand, Anthony Buie says, “We are now at a point where Christians need to speak out and fight back. Our country was built on the Word of God and through the years we have continued to allow people and organizations to strip us of our values, morals and Christian beliefs. There is no other Religious organization that is attacked more than the Christian Belief.  NBC’s Saturday Night Live even attacks Jesus on a regular bases and no one says anything!”

Buie continued, “They have taken prayer out of the schools and now they want to take the Word of God out of the classroom.  When will this continuous fight to ostracize God’s Word end?”  Sounding a bit emotional, “We need to understand that the New Norm is NOT the Norm, but the Norm is the Word of God and that is something that lobbyists and others who influence the media need to understand and respect.”

When asked to elaborate, Buie directed us to his website,  then said, “Over the past ten years there has been a push to break up the family the way God intended, why not have Christians take a bolder stand and come together to push the Word of God? Why not have people respect  the union of husband and wife as God intended and accept God Word as it reads.”

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