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The WORD Network Is Serious About Sirius

wordnetworkThe WORD Network, the largest African American religious network in the world, has requested a meeting with Sirius CEO Jim Meyer to discuss carriage of The WORD Network for several months.  The WORD Network has called Rev. Jesse Jackson to set up a meeting with Sirius.  Rev. Jackson and Kevin Adell, CEO of The WORD Network, spoke to a representative that said, “The WORD Network programming is not compelling enough and Jim Meyer, CEO of SiriusXM Satellite Radio, cannot meet due to back-to-back meetings every day and all day.”

We take this as a rebuff to Rev. Jackson and The WORD Network will call upon other Religious leaders who have supported The WORD Network, like Rev. Al Sharpton, Minister Louis Farrakhan and the 400 plus ministries which are on The WORD Network.  We will examine the automotive companies, and their manufacturers, who supply and install the SiriusXM satellite radios in cars.

Kevin Adell, CEO of The WORD Network says, “I guess that African American religious programming is not compelling enough.  But the Catholic Channels and Joel Olsteen, which is not African American religious programming, is more compelling to Jim Meyer, CEO of SiriusXM.”

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