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The “Safety” Mime Project Cover to Alexis Spight (Safehouse)

So you been running and you been trying to find that safe place, but you haven’t found it yet you’ve been searching for that place is going to bring you happiness. You’ve been looking for that place that is going to bring you a peace of mind.  You’ve been searching for that place that’s going to bring you a fulfilling but you have yet to find it. Go with 1Purpose Mime as he discovers that place we all look for called “Safety”.

Inspired by dance, 1Purpose Mime had humble beginnings as a member of a break dancing group in high school. Seeing more potential than just dance, a teacher requested a performance of 1Purpose Mime that not only incorporated dance but also added an additional element: Mime. Being intrigued by the challenge, 1Purpose Mime accepted and discovered that with this new element, his passion for the arts was heightened. Performing was no longer just about expressing himself, but evolved into desiring to be a mirror for others to see themselves through the performance being given.

If dance was the stage for his artistic expression, mime is now the voice that connects and electrifies his audience to new levels of self-awareness. The goal of 1Purpose Mime is to connect people back to themselves through the introspective opportunities that his performances offer while simultaneously changing the socially perceived definition of mime.

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