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The MIAMI MASS CHOIR Unite Gospel and Latin Christian Music In Vibrant New Video “GOOD NEWS” featuring Tony Lebron and Paula Coleman

Music has an undeniable influence to unify people.  Music can join nationalities, cultures, races and generations together even more so than any other product, any government or any level of wealth could ever do.  The ultimate unifying entity is Jesus Christ.  His name unequivocally holds all power and possibilities in any language, community, village or country.   Yet, Christian music, the epitome of a music genre that has the power to unify, continues to be considerably divided racially and culturally.


It should be a continual mission for believers to strive to break barriers of cultural differences in religion and worship.  We serve the same One true God and our fellowship in worship should not separate us based on race, nationality, age or gender.


With their prominent impact throughout Florida and growing global music ministry platform, The Miami Mass Choir is taking the opportunity to be an example and share their desire for unifying Christian music.  Miami Mass Choir director and founder Marc Cooper has incorporated various styles of Christian music on their new Billboard Chart topping album THE MIAMI MASS CHOIR LIVE: At The Adrienne Arsht Center – Traditional Gospel, Contemporary Worship, Soul, Quartet and Latin.  These various styles are performed by the members and musicians of the Miami Mass Choir that also come from diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
Cooper and his vibrant choir are releasing a new music video from the album that celebrates the good news of Jesus Christ and celebrates the collaboration of multiple genres of Christian music unified as one in worship.  “Good News” merges Latin Christian music and Spanish language with Traditional Gospel music and English language.  “Good News” also brings Cuban, African-American, Caucasian-American voices and talents into one unified purpose – Praise.
“With the Latin appeal of the song, and along with South Florida being a melting pot of many nationalities including the Cuban-American community, we wanted to feature the Little Havana area in this music video,”  Marc Cooper explains.  “There are so many venues in South Florida where you can just walk in and listen to incredible musicians, singers and performers.  That’s were we got the concept idea, to walk in and discover the talented singers, invite them to rehearsal where they learn the song and join us in worship and our finale performance.”
“Good News” is directed by Chinedu “Mr. Chin” Ernesto and was filmed throughout Miami, highlighting the rich cultural diversity and heritage of the South Florida region.  “Good News” features Tony Lebron and Paula Coleman as guest vocalists and is available to watch on Youtube.

“Fue un gran honor para mi poder ser parte de el nuevo proyecto de el coro Miami Mass y representar a mi gente Latina.  Poder grabar una canción que habla de las ‘Buenas Nuevas’ de nuestro Dios en Ingles y en Español fue super especial.  Mi esperanza para este proyecto es que Dios lo use a traer paz y unidad entre las Naciones, rompiendo fronteras de lenguaje y culturas y que muchos vengan a conocer las Buenas Nuevas, que Jesus los ama!” – Tony Lebron
(“I am honored to be a part the latest project by the Miami Mass Choir! I’m especially honored to be a part of a song that shares the ‘Good News’ of a faithful God in English and in my first language Spanish.  My prayer and hope is that this song would reach farther than anyone could imagine by breaking cultural and language barriers and to help bring peace, unity and many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!” – Tony Lebron)
With this music video, The Miami Mass Choir challenges you to cease worship in black or white, embrace worship unto Christ in languages not of your own, celebrate our living God as One body and tell somebody of His Good News! 
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