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The Hoskins Family Bursts Back on the Scene With New CD

hoskinsDaywind Records of Nashville, TN is excited to announce the release of a new CD by the Hoskins Family. Known for their great family harmony and strong emotion expressed in their songs, the Hoskins Family is geared to have another chart busting album on their hands. Produced by Joyce Martin and Angie Hoskins this project offers creative stylings that only these two progressive thinkers could accomplish.

The album is titled ‘A Gathering The Hits Of Then and Now’ and was released January 21, 2014. The songs on the album include the mega-hit that brought the Hoskins Family to prominence “Safe That Far” written by Kyla Rowland, the BMI Most Air-played Song Award “Places To Go, People To See” written by Gerald Crabb and chart topper “You Keep Loving Me” penned by Angie Hoskins.

The project also includes other hit songs that Hoskins Family fans and Southern Gospel listeners will have the privilege to re-experience.

“The Hoskins Family quickly built a reputation in Southern Gospel Music for fantastic songs that were passionately conveyed to listeners,” Daywind president Ed Leonard explained. “I am confident that this project will not only give their fans an enjoyable stroll down memory lane but also a new avenue of musical enjoyment. They’ll not be disappointed, and we at Daywind are excited to hear the responses in regard to another stellar project from the Hoskins Family.”

‘A Gathering The Hits Of Then and Now’ has delivered a top charting new song for The Hoskins Family, “Whenever I Hear His Name” written by Marty Funderburk which is #6 in the Singing News chart for March. Lifeway and Family Christian stores are pushing the product as many other independent stores were excited to put the Hoskins Family back on the shelf.

“God Is Big” is authored by Annie McRae and is an upbeat, drive down the road with the windows down kind of song. It’s performed by Angie and her 17 year old daughter Abigail with guest star Joyce Martin and sure to be a favorite.

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Lastly, “Endless Tomorrows”, also written by Marty Funderburk is a heartfelt ballad with the true Hoskins Family sound.

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