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Stephen Brown Braces Himself For The Journey From Local Pastor To Newfound Acclaim As A Gospel Artist

Pastor Stephen Brown is a dynamic preacher and pastor, hailing from Memphis, TN. Brown has spent most of his life studying the word of God and yielding to the profound call to ministry, which, as time went on, would show up in various forms. Starting at a young age, Brown hearkened to the teachings of his father, an evangelist who served as his first spiritual mentor, and became a student of other prolific spiritual leaders and teachers, as well. As an adult, as it became more evident that God had chosen him for great works, Brown founded Stephen Brown Ministries (SBM) in 2005. SBM became the vehicle that God used to usher in a revival that would sweep through the city of Memphis and surrounding areas, with the evidence of miracles, signs, and wonders. The revival remained a powerful display of God’s healing and restoration power for several years, and lead to the founding and dedication of Light of Glory International Church (LOGIC), in 2008, where Brown remains lead pastor and a chief vessel through which God moves mightily.

In 2016, Brown was appointed to preside over the Young Pastors, ages 40 and under, of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, by Bishop Joseph Walker. In this role, Brown draws upon his innate and apparent ability to reach and minister to young people. Also in 2016, it was announced that Brown had become the latest recording artist to sign with Lunjeal Music Group, the label home of Gospel’s reigning princess, Stellar Award winner and Grammy nominee, Jekalyn Carr. 

Since the inception of this new relationship with the label and its owner, Allen Carr, Brown has been diligently seeking God about exactly what he should say in his debut project, and what messages he should relay to God’s people. The first manifestation of those prayers answered is an infectious mid–tempo song, penned by Carr – rapidly becoming known as one of the most prolific Gospel songwriters of our time – titled “Blessed Man.” The song is sure to become an anthem for the men and women of God all over the world. It is a bold proclamation of the blessings of God in our lives, many of which we often take for granted. 

While “Blessed Man” can certainly be considered as Brown’s personal testimony, it is his prayer, and his mission, to encourage everyone who hears it to realize, and proclaim, that they are blessed too! “Blessed Man” is impacting Radio now, and is sure to become a fan favorite as it graces the airwaves this Spring!

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