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Soul Tempo Releases New Radio Single “Almost Home”

The Gospel Group Soul Tempo is gearing up for the New Year(2013) with their second radio single “Almost Home” from their current project Trust In God. 

Soul Tempo’s first single “Trust In God” made a huge impact at radio for the group and set the stage for the release of their new single “Almost Home”.

“Almost Home” is penned by Soul Tempo group members who wanted to let the world know if you keep your hands in God’s hand he will bring you through any circumstance.

For the group, “Almost Home” is a very special song because of how it was birthed and the impact it made on their individual lives.

One of the most exciting moments during the development of “Almost Home” happened when Soul Tempo first heard the music track. The group described the experience as, “An overwhelming since of emotion that went through us like a bolt of lightning and during our writing session our pens started to flow like a river.”

The song is inspired by their personal experiences with losing loved ones and the testimony of God keeping them emotionally and spiritually.

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When listeners experience “Almost Home”, they will hear a very emotional heartfelt musical story for anyone who has lost a loved one and how God has kept us to enjoy His blessings.

Through the song, Soul Tempo is encouraging everyone to enjoy the awesome life God has given us and to it one day at a time.


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