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Soul Tempo Connects with Radio Personalities During Release of “Trust In God”

It is a joy for artists to receive love from Radio and its listeners. One important piece is that radio stations impact so many people daily with the music they play. Listeners are also encouraged when artists share their testimonies through exciting segments and interviews.

As an artist, Soul Tempo has connected with many radio stations and announcers with their new release Trust In God. It has been a joy for the group because of the positive feedback they have received from program directors and announcers.

Along with touring and great interviews, Soul Tempo’s radio single “Trust In God” continues to make a presence on the Billboard/BDS chart. This week, “Trust In God” claimed the #27 spot on the Billboard/BDS Top 30 chart.

Soul Tempo has been interviewed by the following radio stations,

WMBM, (Miami, FL); WOAD, (Jackson, MS);KMBS, (Portland, OR)
WAGG, (Birmingham, AL);  WFMV, (Columbia, SC); WFSK, (Nashville, TN)
WSRB, (Chicago, IL); WHUR, (Washington, DC); WCAO, (Baltimore, MD)
WFMI, (Norfolk, VA); WEXL, (Detroit, MI); KMVP, (Phoenix, AZ)
KPZK, (Little Rock, AK); Beyond The Praise, (Dallas, TX); WWWZ, (Charleston, SC)
KNHC, (Seattle, WA); WIMG, (Trenton, NJ); WNOO, (Chattanooga, TN)
WGGM, (Richmond, VA);WRSV, (Elizabeth City, NC); WGBN, (Pittsburg, PA)
WDJL, (Huntsville, AL);KLDC, (Denver, CO); KLLB, (Salt Lake City, UT)

A few of the announcers also shared their excitement about the group,

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“I enjoyed the interview with Jeremiah Brunson of Soul Tempo. Soul Tempo has standing power among the greats.”-Angela Jenkins | KBMS, Portland, OR

“Jeremiah Brunson, he was a delightful guest.”-Pat Butler| WEXL, Detroit. MI

The interview with Jerry was great, had fun”-Greg Cooper| WMBM, Miami, FL

Hey, the phones were blowing up, my cell phone and the station phone, I enjoyed talking with Soul Tempo today great energy and very authentic. I felt like I was talking with my brother that’s that kindred SPIRIT true worshippers.”
-Seanetta Enouch| KLLB, Salt Lake City, UT

Fans are encouraged to look out for more great interviews and music from Soul Tempo!

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Continue to support Soul Tempo and their project and radio single ‘Trust In God’ by requesting it on your local radio station!

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