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Singer JAVON INMAN Talks Intimately About His AGAPE EROS Album Set To Release November 10th

Multiple award-winng independent artist Javon Inman is set to release his sophomore album AGAPE EROS November 10th on all digital music and streaming outlets.  AGAPE EROS is a collection of uplifting and passionate songs about God’s pure love and the romance found in God’s word.  Also on November 10, Javon will celebrate his album release with a concert at the Cultural Arts Center – Montgomery College, 7995 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD.  The concert starts at 7:30PM and will be hosted by Denise Hill, Praise 104.1 FM Radio personality.  Music Society, Michelle Carter-Williams, James Cheeks, Lizzette Colon, Katrina Lewis, Russ Skanks and Alkeisha Williams will be guest performers.


The first radio single from AGAPE EROS is the passionate worship ballad “Love Covers”.  “Love Covers” features Music Society which consist of Clifford R. Flowers, Jr., Duane X. Gray, Todd Gholar, CD Porter, Darren Franklin, Steve Swann, Rob Mercer and Germain O. Bryant. 


Listen To “Love Covers”

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“I Love this song!  ‘Love Covers’ is a beautiful 3rd Party Love Song,” says Willie Mae McIver, Host of Nationally Syndicated Gospel Radio Show Beyond The Praise.  “God used Javon Inman to remind us that His love has and will continue to cover us until the end.  Thanks for the reminder Javon!”


Javon took some time to share intimate details about the concept, foundation and expectation of his AGAPE EROS album.


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Javon on writing AGAPE EROS:
I don’t have a set recipe for creating music – it all varies. Sometimes a song begins with a melody that I can’t seem to shake, an idea or 5 words. Other times, it’s an answer or a response to life. I’ve learned to go with God and not quench the Spirit. I will say, the one constant, is prayer. I consecrate to ask what does God want musically conveyed in this moment. And then I wait.


Javon on the meaning of AGAPE EROS:  In Greek terminology, Agape and Eros define love.  Agape is the highest form of unconditional love that transcends and pursues irrespective of circumstance. Eros speaks to the romance and eroticism of love between a husband and wife. After a conversation with my wife a few years back about not allowing the music industry to ‘box me in’ while receiving so much support on my 2014 gospel love song “Beautiful Girl (Date-Night Song)”, the album title was actually given to her first. It was perfect! AGAPE EROS bridges both of my passions: ministering the love of God, and singing about romance founded on the Word.  For me, it doesn’t get any better than this.


Javon on the expectation of AGAPE EROS:
This entire album was birthed out of obedience and prayer. The end result is, AGAPE EROS – God’s response to a world that desperately needs love in our lives, relationships, and society.  This record is Luke 14:23 in action – “Go out into the highways and along the hedges, and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled”. Through the love of God, this album reaches to the forgotten, strengthens the weak, and fans the flame in marriages. It blows my mind that He allowed me to create this art for such a time as this. I cannot wait for the world to hear it! It’s all His agenda…I’m just tagging along for the ride.

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It is time now for the world to hear Javon’s AGAPE EROS album which also includes the Latin praise song “Te Amo” (featuring Lizzette Colon), the urban groove “Happy Anniversary”, and his 2014 hit single “Beautiful Girl (Date-Night Song)”.  For more information about AGAPE EROS or to purchase tickets to the album release concert, log on to


AGAPE EROS Track List:
1.  Te Amo (featuring Lizzette Colon)
2.  Love Covers (featuring Music Society)
3.  My Portion (Psalm 73: 25-28)
4.  Revelation Song (featuring Christian and Isaiah Inman)
5.  Coffee Break
6.  I Still Love You (featuring Michelle Carter-Williams)
7.  Happy Anniversary (featuring Russ Shanks)
8.  Reasons Why I Love You
9.  Spectacular Journey (featuring Alkeisha Williams)
10. Beautiful Girl (Date Night Song)
11. Look At What God Has Done


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