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Singer Desiree Coleman-Jackson Takes On New Name “KADESH” And Encourages Confession, Transparency and Reconciliation To God With New Radio Single “STRIP”

kadeshSinger, songwriter and actress Desiree Coleman-Jackson is a noted popular voice in Gospel music.  The soulful, yet sweetly passionate singer, native of Queens, NY, is now known as KADESH.  The name KADESH, (consecrated or sanctified, holy), signifies the banner of God’s grace and His majesty, and with this new name, she continues to personify resilience in the face of adversity with her unshakeable faith in God.
Kadesh’s newest endeavor is her forthcoming album LOVE which delivers a desperate call for the return to love and peace in the world. “This album is a message of hope,” exclaims Kadesh. “There is so much going on in the world with wars and killings. We need more love… then and only then can the world be a better place.”  
LOVE is also a journey of triumph over the trials and tribulations that Kadesh has personally faced. With her first single “Strip”, Kadesh encourages confession, transparency and reconciliation to God.  “Strip” was written based on a difficult time in her life and was guided by her mission to help others who long to be motivated and encouraged to believe that they too can conquer life’s challenges in the midst of trying warfare. “It was a real experience I went through,” says Kadesh. “I basically had to remove myself from the emotions that blocked me and tried to keep me from moving forward.”  
“Strip” Co-written and produced by Rodney Jones (Karen Clark-Sheard, Mary Mary, Fred Hammond, Stephanie Mills, Smokie Norful) is available on iTunes now.  LOVE will release in January of 2015.
Kadesh (a/k/a Desiree) and her husband Mark Jackson (former NBA superstar, Coach of the Golden State Warriors and current commentator for  ESPN) co-pastor at the church they founded in August 2009 True Love Worship Center International, in Reseda, California.  In addition, she has organized an empowerment program LADIES IN DESTINY which mentors women, teaching and encouraging them to tap into their inner selves by exploring and pursuing the progressive talents that lie dormant and untapped inside them.  
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