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Sam O’neal One Cancer Survivor’s Incredible Song “See You Again”

Each and every one of us has lost someone we truly loved and cherished. But what’s a little different about New York born “Sam O’Neal” is attitude! You see in the course of just a few years he lost a younger brother-an older sister, his 31-year-old wife and he himself were diagnosis with a deadly cancer. Can a story like this ever have a happy ending?

Certainly all of this would make any human a prime candidate for the bitter man syndrome but on the contrary. Once you are enlightened on what he did with his pain, it will surely give unparalleled hope to anyone who’s experiencing a devastating lost of a love one. This native of “Brooklyn New York’s rough and tough “Brownsville” area turned his tragic events into an inspirational song of hope and promise for us all!

The song is called “SEE YOU AGAIN” which Sam wrote and produced. This chill stirring “gospel ballad” is reminiscent of prolific R&B Soul singer “Sam Cook’s” Immortal song “Change gonna Come”. The incredible vocal performance in “SEE YOU AGAIN” is sung by  O’Neal’s dearest friend Philadelphia recording artist Jenae La’roi.

With a little help from his cousin film producer Jim White of Jim White Enterprises of Los Angeles California, O’Neal’s song is accompanied by a colorful heart pounding “music video” depicting all races and creeds. As Sam’s “Auntie Ora Lee” use to say, “pain is pain no matter who’s it afflicted upon”. Sam O’Neal, a great American who pushed aside his own pain and lost to give God given hope to all. After journeying with Sam you too will think of someone special and say “See you again”.

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