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Review: Deitrick Haddon’s Private Screening for Feautre Film “A Beautiful Soul” in Philly

On April 26th Deitrick Haddon and Praise 103.9 took over the AMC Theatre in Philadelphia for a private screening of his feature film, “A Beautiful Soul”. When I arrived at the venue I wasn’t quite sure where I was supposed to go. After looking around the lobby I noticed a person dressed kind of outlandish. As someone who believes in personal style and appreciates cool clothes, I kept trying to figure out what this dope outfit was. After another look I realized I was looking at Deitrick himself, so clearly I knew that was the area I should walk to. After speaking to the Praise 103.9 team, I introduced myself to Deitrick, who was very laid back, and we chatted for a quick second about the interview I did with him a few weeks prior. You can listen to the interview here.

After purchasing a small popcorn and drink, which were both way overpriced, I walked into the theatre to get ready for the movie. The screening was hosted by Big Dez, who kept the crowd laughing as always. Before the movie began, she had some fun with the crowd, giving away prizes to people who knew the answers to Praise 103.9 trivia questions. She even gave away prizes to all the teenagers that attended the event to show appreciation to our youth.

Now let’s talk about the reason why I was even at the theatre in the first place, “A Beautiful Soul”. I don’t want to say too much about the movie because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. However, what I can say is the message within the movie is a powerful one. Andre Stephens, played by Deitrick, is a self-centered, obnoxious R&B superstar. Imagine living a rock star life with the world at your disposal and you’ll get Andre Stephens. But after all that is taken from him, he has to re-evaluate his life from the outside looking in and decide if he wants to make a change or continue to live the “good life”.

What I can say is that I relate to the movie because I feel like it was made for people like me, yes I’m putting myself in the youth category. Actually, the movie was probably made for everyone, but I think the youth are the ones who need to see it because it shows how decisions and choices we make today affects our future. I really wish I could go more into detail but I don’t want to give away any parts of the movie. So you have to go out and see it for yourself when it premieres on May 4th. Check out the list of premiere times and cities by clicking here.

After the movie wrapped up, Deitrick did a Q&A with the crowd, allowing people to ask him questions related to the movie. Most of the people shared a short testimony of how and why the movie directly related to their lives before asking a question. There was even a PK (Preacher’s Kid) who said he was sat down from his church choir because he performed R&B music in nightclubs and that the movie spoke directly to him.

Now, what we all have to do is go out to see the movie when it premieres on May 4th so that it can be added to more theatres throughout the country! I can honestly say that it’s a good movie and is definitely worth your money and time. Make sure that you see it on the opening day because those are the numbers that the “big wigs” in Hollywood look at. We all have to work together to support the Kingdom’s Army!


Watch the movie’s trailer below:

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