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Rev. Timothy Wright’s Son Derrick Wright and His Group Driven Continue His Father’s Rich Gospel Legacy

dwrightWashington, DC: Derrick Wright’s father was the late Rev. Timothy Wright who made a name for himself in the 1970s as a pre-eminent choir director and musical arranger. Over the years, the Grammy Award nominated artist’s ensembles backed a who’s who in the music world ranging from pop icons like Carly Simon and Meat Loaf to his well-known collaborations with the legendary gospel vocalist Myrna Summers.  His signature gospel radio hits include “Who’s On the Lord’s Side?,” “Trouble Don’t Last Always” and “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” He died in 2009 as a result of complications from a head-on traffic collision that killed his wife and grandson in 2008.

Now, Wright’s son, Derrick Wright (who’s served as co-music director for pop superstar Adele and artists such as R&B and Hip-Hop stars Toni Braxton and Fabulous), is stepping from the shadows of his family’s tragedy and his father’s incredible legacy to place his own stamp on the gospel music industry with a soul-stirring new CD, “Live at Highline,” that was recorded at New York’s infamous Highline Ballroom.  The 11-track CD is a combination of uplifting free praise & worship stanzas such as “You Are” and contemporary gospel anthems like “Break Every Chain” that capture the hearts of listeners whether the music is sung in a concert setting or during a Sunday morning church service.

Fresh off of a performance on TBN’s primetime show “Praise The Lord,” the dynamic ensemble is now touring the North Atlantic Region of the United States. A few of the upcoming concerts include the following:

9/21/13 @5 PM           Kingsboro Temple, 415 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY

9/27/13 @7 PM           The Lord’s Church, 1657 North Market Drive, Raleigh, NC

9/27/13 @12 AM        Consuming Fire Christian Center, 3110 S. Tyron St. Charlotte, NC

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“Live At Highline” is available now on iTunes & digital platforms everywhere.


Check out snippets of Derrick Wright & Driven at

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