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Rev. Dr. Charley Hames, Jr. Offers 60-day Devotional Treatment Plan For The Spirit NOTES FROM THE DOCTOR

Rev. Dr. Charley Hames, Jr. is the senior pastor of Beebe Memorial Cathedral (BMC) in Oakland, CA.  BMC is one of the fastest-growing congregations in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  Under his leadership, BMC has grown from eighty-one members to more than three thousand members making it one of the premier houses of worship in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Hames, Jr. is the author of three life-changing books: PRESSING RESET: When Life Forces You To Start Over Again, EXCHANGE: Trading Your Brokenness For Exceptional Purpose, and his newest offering NOTES FROM THE DOCTOR: The 60 Day Devotional Treatment Plan For The Spirit.

For over sixteen years, Dr. Hames, Jr. has spent time sharing inspirational nuggets with the Bay Area audience on 102.9 KBLX FM radio.  His words of inspiration and wisdom have established him as an essential voice in the community.   NOTES FROM THE DOCTOR was sparked by what Dr. Hames, Jr. shared weekly out of his love to inspire people to live better lives.

His 60-Day Devotional Treatment Plan For The Spirit will encourage you, stretch you, and affirm you in a way that will uplift your spirit and transform your heart.  In the book, Dr. Hames, Jr, advises setting deliberate and undistracted moments alone with God the first thing in the morning.  Form a habit of engaging with God daily.  Each devotional chapter is ingeniously constructed with “The Symptom”, “The Diagnosis”, “The Prescription” and a “Treatment Plan” segment for the day.  Readers are also encouraged to write thoughts and reflections in “The Follow-Up” at the end of each chapter.

With chapters like “Worry Never Works”, “Emotional Restraint” and “Public Persona Versus Private Pain”, NOTES FROM THE DOCTOR is the devotional that will nourish your soul daily to help you maintain a gratifying life.  The book will also guide you through life’s sometimes turbulent tests and trials.  Allow Dr. Hames, Jr. to daily saturate your heart with God’s affirming word.  You are invited to engage in this 60-day treatment plan that will motivate you and help lead you to a life of victory.

NOTES FROM THE DOCTOR is published by Dr. Hames, Jr.’s Spirit Driven Publishing company.  The book is available now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and on in paperback and ebook formats.  The NOTES FROM THE DOCTOR audiobook will be available Oct 15.

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