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Reality TV News: Goo Goo Announces Break-Up With Boyfriend Justin

googooIf you’re a fan of Mary Mary’s hit reality show, then you’re very much aware of the duo’s younger sister and stylist, Goo Goo, and her boyfriend Justin.

Over the last two seasons we’ve seen Goo and Justin go through their ups and downs of reality TV “love”. Which included Justin over stepping his boundaries to defend Goo by going toe-to-toe with Mary Mary’s manager Mitch, who happens to be Goo’s arch nemesis on the show.

Tensions reached an all time high in the second season when Goo revealed that she planned to move to Atlanta to be with Justin, even though they weren’t married. Of course, Tina and Erica both disapproved with valid reasoning.

Now it appears that Goo has finally seen the light by deciding to leave the relationship alone, which she reveals via social cam.

I’m pretty sure Tina and Erica were jumping with joy when Goo broke the news to them! The ladies are currently filming season 3 of Mary Mary.

Check out the video below to hear why Goo and Justin decided to part ways:

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