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President Barack Obama Announces the Death of Osama Bin Laden: Christians Debate Whether We Should Celebrate


Osama Bin Laden is dead. Killed by Navy Seals with an exuberant President taking claim that has many saying this is just what Obama needed to be re-elected for a second term. Every president is identified by a moment in history, a catastrophe or a triumph that overcomes the odds. But as Christians are we to celebrate?

Television, Facebook and twitter went crazy yesterday as news broke that President Obama would be announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden. People took to the streets by the thousands outside the white house in Washington, and at ground zero in New York. Debates erupted as to who should get credit for the assignation, and what was President Obama’s real involvement in the moment that will be forever remembered in history.

PATH was under fire as a Facebook post made by PATH united a debate that went as far as to mis-quote the organization. The outpouring of our Facebook friends even rendered an apology by the re-poster. The PATH statement read, “This is what Obama needed.. To attach himself with triumph. OBAMA for a second term!”

Over 30 people instantly liked the comment, but two people insisted that a Christian magazine was celebrating in the death of another. That was not the intent, but as a journalist I know that is how politics is won. The statement was a declaration to how history will now record Obama’s term as President.

The statement brought up debates on capital punishment, and Christians celebrating in the death of another. I choose to look at it as a victory for man-kind. The man that is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people can not hurt anyone anymore, and the victims of 9:11 finally have their justice.

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Signs are already being printed reading “Obama got Osama!” The fact is that history will record this day as a victory for America, the world, and Barack Obama.

Some Christians even went as far as to say that Obama’s speech was Anti-Christian, as Obama pointed out the following in defense of Muslims: “As we have stated repeatedly since the 9/11 terror attacks, bin Laden never represented Muslims or Islam In fact, in addition to the killing of thousands of Americans, he and Al Qaeda caused the deaths of countless Muslims worldwide.”

It seemed as if Kinkos was called up at midnight as Obama signs appeared and were waved in the air while the crowds chanted “USA-USA.”

In the midst of celebration, serious questions remain. What will now be the outcome on a world-wide scale? Threat levels will go up in the U.S. TSA agents will check you even tighter in the coming weeks. But will the United States see retaliation? These are all questions that will be analyzed and watched in the coming months. But today I’m proud to be an American, a Christian, and I’m proud of Barack Obama.

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