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Premiere of Soul Tempo’s New Music Video “Trust In God”

Check below to see the gospel group, Soul Tempo’s new music concept video “Trust In God”! The video is also available on the Soul Tempo Music TV channel via YouTube.


The music concept video was shot and directed by the Brown Brothers and Frame by Frame in Philadelphia and featured various Philly personalities.  The video depicts the story of one man who learns that God can restore and show Himself mighty through any situation and others.


Viewers will be surprised as they notice group members, Jeremiah Brunson, Anthony Burnette, Phillip Mitchell and Kevin Mitchell throughout the concept video.


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Soul Tempo’s new video is definitely one that flows with the message and musical journey of the song and can be easily understood.


While developing the music concept video, Soul Tempo stated that there goal was for people to not only hear but see what it means to “Trust In God” with your entire being.  Once fans view it, they will truly see the heart of this foundational gospel group.


The video’s debut is perfect timing as Soul Tempo begins one of many promotional tours for the upcoming release “Trust In God”.

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