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Pastor Donnie McClurkin Joins Forces with Bishop Marvin Winans To Deliver 6,000 Cases of Water to Flint. Michigan

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.53.02 AMAfter two plus years of silence the water crisis in Flint, Michigan is no longer an issue relegated to a certain geographical location in the United States.  The issue has been given a global platform that will no longer allow  state officials to turn their heads and ignore such an inhumane travesty.

Penske Corporation, Wayne Metro, and Wal-Mart partners with renown gospel singers/multiple Grammy award-winners Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Bishop Marvin L. Winans for Flint water donation.  McClurkin and Winans will not only join forces with churches in Flint to donate over 6000 cases of water to the community, but will be on hand to distribute water to senior citizens physically unable to make it to the water distribution centers.

On Thursday, February 11 several trucks will depart the Detroit area to make water deliveries between 10am-12pm to the following churches:  The first delivery will be around 10am to Bountiful Love Missions Church located at 3432 W. Pasadena Avenue, Sr. Pastor Kevelyn Jones. The other deliveries will be to Greater Holy Temple COGIC at 6207 N. Dort Highway, Bishop Roger Jones and El Shaddai Ministries at 920 Walnut Street, Pastor Steve Hawkins. Anyone desiring to participate, water donations will be accepted at each location this week and in the future monetary donations will be accepted by Perfecting Fellowship International to fulfill an ongoing need of fresh water.

“As a show of support for the residents of the city of Flint (due to no fault of their own) we the churches of Perfecting Fellowship International join with the efforts of Penske Corporation, Wayne Metro, Walmart and Rutherford Winans Academy to bring relief to all affected by this water crisis.  We pledge to continue our support with this effort”, Bishop Marvin L Winans.

The members of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York where the overseer is Pastor Donnie McClurkin, raised $5,000 to purchase over 2000 cases of bottled water to donate to the residents of Flint.  The PFC donation will be a part of the shipment scheduled for delivery on Thursday that’s spear-headed by Pastor Marvin L. Winans.

The Perfecting Faith Church motto “Where Ministry Means People” is not just a catchy tag for social media, but is a fundamental part of the church’s foundation to reach hurting people and those in need.  The people of Flint are indeed in need of fresh water to live and function on a daily basis.

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“This is not a one-time donation. We will put forth out best efforts to continue to aid and assist Flint residents as long as there is a water issue”, says Pastor Donnie McClurkin.

Contributors for the Flint Water Delivery includes the following: Bishop Marvin L. Winans & Perfecting Fellowship International pastors (Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Pastor D’Andre Armstead, Pastor Wilma McDougal, Pastor Larry Trice, Jr., Pastor Cordell Jenkins, Pastor Reginald Hye, Pastor Eric Tolbert and Pastor Hurley Coleman), Rutherford Winans Academy, Loretta Boges, and church parishioners.  Also, Penske Corporation, Wayne Metro and Wal-Mart is on board as sponsors.

When the church comes together so much more can be accomplished than when it is divided.  The water donation set for delivery this week is a group effort to show the heart and compassion of God in action.

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