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One on One with Goo-Goo Atkins at the Gifting Suite | Tina Campbell Expresses How Proud She is of Goo Goo

photo-3-aboutGoo-233x300Goo-Goo Atkins may not be a jack-of-all-trades but she is certainly a master of many. As the wardrobe stylist and little sister to Erica and Tina Campbell of the multi-platinum duo Mary Mary, yet never a tenant in their shadow, Goo-Goo began laying a foundation for her solid entertainment background over a decade ago when she studied theater and television acting under the direction of Wendy Raquel Robinson. Recently, her natural inquisitiveness lead her to search for an avenue to better herself and those around her. Her search lead her to explore ways to to become an advocate for relationships and the dynamics that bring two people together or make them grow a part. Her ultimate quest is to turn her passion for “love” into a set of tools that people seeking love can use in their personal journey. Soon she will reveal her findings to the masses to enjoy and partake in.

This past weekend at the 31st Annual Stellar Awards, Goo-Goo presented Goo’s Gifting Suite. This is a very unique idea that she came up with to all her and her team to style people for the Stallar awards for a faction of the cost. Clients were even given an option to buy the items that were pulled for them after the awards.

Take a look at this exclusive interview below:

More About Goo-Goo

With an undeniable charm, charisma and talent, Goo-Goo went from lending her voice to live and recorded background vocals for such artists as Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Common, Patti LaBelle, Christina Aguilera and Mary Mary to becoming an acclaimed and respected wardrobe stylist to Neicy Nash, Michelle Williams, Morris Chestnut, and staff stylist for several stage plays and in television.

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In fact, she gained reverence for her craft when she pioneered Mary Mary’s signature “sass with class” style and eradicated the age-old idea that women of faith could not also exhibit a modern and trendy style. The success of WeTV’s Mary Mary show thrust Goo-Goo in front of the camera and into the homes of millions of Americans every week.  It wasn’t long before her effervescence, poise, confidence and no-nonsense yet humble persona won the hearts of thousands. No longer just a celebrity among celebrities but a celebrated public figure and positive role model, countless businesses and organizations took note and actively invite Goo-Goo to mentor young ladies, speak at conferences and seminars, and to host events and radio shows nationally. So what’s next for this multi-faceted master of many trades and triple threat entertainer? Well, keeping true to herself, Goo-Goo Atkins has begun auditioning for various roles in television and on the silver screen hoping to find success in what she initially set out to do and to show the world where her true talent lies – acting.

Very few people can find success in entertainment across as many different platforms as Goo-Goo Atkins and, with so many more talents in her arsenal, it won’t be long before Goo-Goo illuminates as the world’s biggest and brightest star.

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