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New Video: “I’m Still Here” by Carl Brister

carlbristerSome of the most profound statements come from our most life changing moments.  Urban Inspiration recording artist Carl Brister has a new single with a powerful statement from just three words – “I’m Still Here”.  The official music video for “I’m Still Here” is being released today.

With his new single “I’m Still Here” from his forthcoming 2014 album release, Carl revisits his R&B/Urban music roots and delivers an uplifting, contemporary groove with an inspiring and victorious message that is registering with listeners of all types.

Co-written and co-produced by Brister and collaborator Steve “Chef” Walker, the single is laced with feel-good R&B/hip-hop and Urban gospel flavor.  In addition to his vocal lead, Carl steps up to deliver his debut as the featured rapper on the track.  “I’ve worked with talented MC’s in the past, but this message was so personal I knew that I had to get in the booth myself!” Brister states.

For the first time, Brister steps forward to transparently tell of his pivotal childhood experience of molestation.  The singer/songwriter raps: “My life was threatened.  Molestation tried to take me out. Told I would regret it if I ever opened my mouth.  I asked the Lord to tell me why it had to be this way, perhaps to help somebody say — “I’m Still Here.”

Brister adds, “Everyone has gone through something that could have taken them out. But the fact that we can say ‘I’m Still Here’, means that God kept me and you for a reason. We can’t deny the past but we can celebrate the fact that we made it through and there’s still so much living to do!”

Brister’s life is a statement of victory over victimization, and through his music and ministry, healing and love is found.

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