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New Urban Inspirational Artist ALACHE’ Shares Her Musical Experiences Through New Sophomore CD, The Chronicles Of The Mrs.

ALACHEUrban Inspirational Artist Alache’ caught the attention of Gospel music lovers in 2010 with her online debut called Until Now.  Since that time, she has grown as an artist, as a woman and as a believer.  A current resident of Washington, DC and a native of Nigeria, Alache’ shares her experiences as a musical backdrop for her brand new release, The Chronicles Of The Mrs.  The 7-track project is an impressive collection of diverse genres and emotions, but each song reflects the love of God.  The Chronicles Of The Mrs. is currently available on iTunes and other digital outlets.
Fans of the artist have been raving about the album’s current single, “Heaven’s Angel”, an inspirational cut featuring Ron Kenoly, Jr.  Written as a tribute to Alache’s sister-in-law who passed away recently, the smooth track will warm the hearts of anyone who has lost a loved one.  Complementing the single is a brand new concept music video which was shot on the beautiful deserts of Dubai.  The second single, “Another Day”, is a danceable, exciting song about celebrating another God-given day.  Co-written by the artist herself and producer David Lindsey, “Another Day” can bring joy to the darkest day.  Alache’ just returned from London where she shot the music video for the second single.  When the video releases, it will be viewable on Alache’s website,
The Chronicles of the Mrs. is Alache’ first national release and she’s thrilled about the project.  This release is deeply personal for the songstress and the title reflects that.  “I named the EP The Chronicles of the Mrs. because this is EP is about the transitions that have happened in my life since my debut release,” she says.  “I love the word ‘chronicles’.  It means a series of events that have happened over time.  Since my last CD, I have gotten married and had two girls.  I took the last five years off from singing to concentrate on family.  God used those new experiences to bring something new out of me musically.  This CD is my life; it’s about the highs and the lows I have been through,” she shares.
In addition to “Heaven’s Angel” and “Another Day”, the CD features songs like “Find Me”, an R&B-tinged groove and “Hiding Place”, a worshipful, God-focused song.  A gifted songwriter and psalmist, Alache’ also provides the mellow track, “Same Tears, Different Pain” and “Awaken Me”, an up-tempo, uplifting song featuring strong African rhythms.  For Alache’, The Chronicles of the Mrs. is an extension of her music ministry, a ministry she loves and has been doing for much of her life.
Alache’ has been singing since the age of 10.  She grew up in Nigeria with a singing family; much of that singing was done in church.  As a matter of fact, her family used to sit at the dinner table and write songs together.  As she got older, she wanted to share her musical gift with others.  That desire found her releasing her debut in 2010.  Now with this new project, she hopes to inspire people, especially women and youth.
“As a woman, I understand the things that we go through,” Alache’ explains. “Now as a mother, I understand more about what children and youth go through as well.  I believe God has given me a platform to speak into their lives through music.”  For more information on Alache’, log on to  Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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