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Mental Health and Music Ministry and Entertainment Professional MARVIN HOUSTON Educates On Mental Awareness and Care

Marvin Houston is an accomplished media, entertainment, and mental health professional and CEO of Centered Community Care, LLC based in Atlanta, GA.  Marvin possesses more than 20 years of diverse experience as a highly sought-after motivational speaker, thought leader, and community advocate.  With a passion for serving individuals in ministry, Marvin is on a mission to shatter the stigma of mental health by offering imperative knowledge and awareness of mental health.

“In my experience, mental health has been viewed as a sign of weakness, a lack of faith and sometimes called a demon,” says Marvin.  “We are often not encouraged to seek counseling from a mental health professional, instead, we are encouraged to pray harder and talk to God about it.  It is important to recognize when church members’ struggles are related to mental health issues so that adequate support and treatment can be obtained.”

Throughout his career, Houston has also witnessed the psychological toll that the pressures of the entertainment industry can have on professionals. He also took an interest in supporting community service efforts that focus on children and adult behavioral health services for persons with developmental disabilities. Due to his observation and his passion for helping others, he saw an opportunity to create his own niche that allowed him to merge his passion of entertainment and his concern for the well being of others by readjusting his trajectory and continuing his education with the study of mental health.

“Prince Harry recently told The Telegram how he ‘shut down all his emotions’ for almost two decades after the death of his mother, Princess Diana,” Marvin explains.  “Singer Michelle Williams even shared how she experienced depression while in the group Destiny’s Child, to the point of feeling suicidal. Whether you are a prince or a celebrity, you are not immune to life’s struggles or mental challenges.”

In order to provide educational support, training and resources to churches and the entertainment industry, Marvin founded and opened Centered Community Care, LLC in 2017.  Through his venture, his desire is to offer mental, physical, and spiritual healing through a clinical approach.

The Pensacola, FL native and Atlanta, GA resident is a graduate of Full Sail University where he earned his B.S. Degree in Music Business and is currently completing his studies at Capella University where he is slated to receive his Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  He has certifications in Evidence-Based Individual Placement & Support from The University of Georgia and Adult Mental Health First Aid USA from the National Council of Behavioral Health.  Marvin is also a Kemetic Reiki Practioner.

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His media broadcast career included work as co-host of “Midday Praise” at WXVI 1600 AM “THE LIGHT”, as local producer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show at WRRX FM, and as Master Control Operator for the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).   Marvin extended his reach within the music industry where he worked in marketing leadership capacities with Music World Entertainment, Integrity Records, Emtro Gospel, and the Gospel Music Workshop of America Radio Announcer’s Guild.


“The only way to dispel the stereotypes and shatter the stigma is to openly and compassionately address the topic of mental health,” Marvin shares.  “It is my goal to be a resource to help communities all over the  world, sharing how they can take steps to be well, healed and whole… mind, body and soul.”


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Marvin is currently accepting speaking engagements and can be booked as a workshop facilitator to share vital information on mental health.


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