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Jekalyn Carr Shares Inspiration Behind New Single, “You Will Win”

Jekalyn Carr recently released the debut single, “You Will Win,” from her forthcoming CD and digital release of the same name. “You Will Win” is a prophetic song of encouragement and victory, addressed to the people of God all over the world, and is a direct response to the spirit of defeat that Carr discerned as she traveled and encountered believers who seemed to be succumbing to their situations and circumstances.

“While traveling, I began to listen to the testimonies of many. It seemed as if their situation was winning over them, when it’s supposed to be the other way around,” Carr states. “The Lord gave me a message to remind people across the world that God does not create failures. He creates champions! I want to help people unleash the champion inside of them through this message. It is not God’s intention to see His people defeated in our finances, our careers, our relationships, our health, or whatever circumstances in our lives that might attempt to rise up against us.”

A testament to the timeliness and relevance of the profound message conveyed in “You Will Win,” the song is already having a profound impact upon those who hear it, even upon their first listens. The song was debuted at Carr’s live recording event for her forthcoming full-length project and was a clear standout among all of the dynamic and prolific songs that Carr ministered. It ushered in a powerful move of God, as those in attendance immediately responded to this divine reminder of the greatness that lives in them, and the victory that is built into their faithful existence.

Carr continues, “The key thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter how big the giant in your life appears to be. When you know who you are, whose you are, and the power that God has given you over every enemy, you choose to FIGHT TO WIN instead of FEAR TO LOSE. God impressed upon me that you don’t have to be a giant to defeat a giant. We see that in the Bible as David slay Goliath, and God desires for us to see it – and apply it – in our own circumstances.”

Carr recently brought the victorious message to Atlanta, GA, at Radio One’s annual Praise in the Park Summer concert event. Drawing a crowd in the tens of thousands, Praise in the Park is the largest outdoor Gospel concert event in the country. Carr took the stage and sang a collection of her most popular songs, including her Grammy-nominated Number One single, “You’re Bigger.” She concluded her set with “You Will Win,” which most in the audience were hearing for the first time. The response was immediate and palpable. By the end of the song, Carr was exhorting to thousands of attendees, standing to their feet in the sweltering heat, hands raised, and singing along in agreement as they declared “It’s my winning season. Everything attached to me wins!”

“You Will Win” is impacting radio stations now, and will be available on all digital outlets on September 15th.

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