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Jekalyn Carr Adds To “You’re Greater” Single Buzz With Release Of Compelling Lyric Video

MBM_0241Gospel sensation, JEKALYN CARR, continues the momentum for her newest single, “You’re Bigger,” with the release of a compelling lyric video. Carr has swiftly made a name for herself as a profound evangelist and singer; one that keeps the word of God at the forefront of her lyrics and her ministry. Carr has remained true to her unique calling and has developed a sound decidedly different from her that of her contemporaries. Her music is devoid of trendy beats and catch phrases, and relies solely on God’s profound word.
In an era when there are so many things vying for our attention at any given moment, Carr’s approach reminds us that sometimes, it’s most helpful to simplify things for greater understanding. Sometimes, it’s most effective when we reduce the clutter and examine things in black and white.
That is exactly what the “You’re Greater” lyric video does. It opts out of the seemingly prerequisite floating graphics and video effects and simply – boldly – positions the lyrics front and center for crystal clear interpretation and, even more importantly, application. The song opens with the profound opening statement:
“You’re bigger than the universe.
You’re bigger than the sun and the stars.
You’re bigger than the things
That can tear me apart.”
The lyric video follows suit and allows this lyric, and those to follow, to prominently stand alone. Opening with a stark black frame, artistically representing the darkest situations that believers and non-believers face from day to day; whether sickness, financial burdens, heartbreak, or despair. This proverbial black abyss is then pierced with lyrics, appearing white and in a bold font, representing the purity and power of God, which cuts through, and stands strong, even in the worst of situations.
Carr’s message is clear, and the lyric video helps to reinforce its potency. Whatever your “thing” is – the one that keeps you awake at night; the one that seems to be pulling your family apart; the one that keeps you from chasing your destiny – God is bigger than THAT.
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