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Introducing B5, Formerly Known as The Barnes Sisters, Plus Their New Song, “I Feel So Loved”


It’s a bit like the Clark Sisters meets Mary Mary. Young in age but carrying the spirit of worship usually found in old souls, the Barnes sisters bring a fresh appeal to gospel music. The five sisters who have been recording together since 2006 are dedicated to inspiring a new generation of worshipers, using music as their platform to glorify and lift up the name of Jesus.

Their distinct sound, which can range from a sweet blend of harmony of classics such as “Yes, Jesus Loves Me,” to the edgy, contemporary “God’s Been So Good to Me,” B5 (originally called the Barnes Sisters) is ready for center stage and their fans are eagerly awaiting the release of their new album “I Feel So Loved,” featuring BET’s Sunday Best Season Four winner Amber Bullock.

As the oldest member of the group, Janeicia is often called the glue that holds B5 together. She was born Sept. 12, 1987 in Altheimer, Ark. and is a gospel background singer, having formed a true relationship with God early on.

Janeicia has a graduate degree in chemistry and credits her success to God, her parents and an her amazing husband for all of their support. Her sisters often look to Janeicia for her life experience and wisdom as she keeps them rooted and grounded in faith. Above all, Janeicia stands on the true principles and promises of God for her life and she sincerely believes that you can do all things through Christ Jesus.

Always armed with the purpose of putting a smile on someone’s face, KriShanahas an angelic voice without range limits that has been astounding audiences for years. KriShana is a classy gospel vocalist who is as sweet as she is talented. Born July 16, 1992 in the small town of Althiemer, Ark., KriShana has a deep relationship with God and a sincere appreciation for humble beginning.

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KriShana has been nicknamed “Devil Chaser” because of her anointing and her powerful voice that keeps Satan on the run. Singing and encouraging people is part of KriShana’s life purpose and she is extremely grateful to be able to sing with her talented sisters. The love and appreciation KriShana has for God answering her prayers shines through B5’s newest release, “I Feel So Loved.”

LaTecia is a vocalist and background singer who is already making her mark upon the world as a trendsetter. Born in Altheimer, Arkansas on Jan. 26, 1990,  LaTecia graduated from Dollarway High School at the top of her class. LaTecia went on to graduate from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a Bacherlor’s degree in Human Science.

As the second oldest member of B5, LaTecia is an inspiration to her sisters. She is a single mother of two and has overcome many struggles in her life but her challenges have richly increased her faith.  As a result, LaTecia enjoys defining the awesome meaning of God’s strength in her life and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to audiences everywhere. She truly believes the group’s newest album “I Feel So Loved” is a platform for God to be lifted up.

Kendria is the youngest sister and member of B5. Born on July 29, 1994 in Althiemer, Ark., Kendria is currently studying Human Science at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

A single mother, Kendria is family-oriented and credits God and her family for being a strong support system in her life. Her life has been about perseverance and overcoming obstacles through her faith. She enjoys giving God praise and transferring her energy and enthusiasm to worship to touch the hearts of other young people. Kendria’s passion for singing is evident whenever she lifts her voice. Along with singing in worship, Kendria has found purpose in sharing her testimony with other young women at every opportunity.

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An anointed gospel background singer and choreographer, LaShana Denise Barnes was born July 16, 1992 in  Altheimer, Ark. LaShana is talented in many areas and enjoys lifting up the name of Jesus with her sisters through B5.

LaShana is the picture of strength and courage as a single mother who is also pursuing her college degree. Though she is a young woman, LaShana has already seen her share of great hardship and she thanks God daily for His divine grace and mercy. Her love for Christ grows stronger each day and LaShana’s purpose is to continue demonstrating that love through ministering to young women. Her hope is that others will begin to experience God’s love on the level that she is now receiving it in her own life.


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