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Introducing New Gospel Artist Corey Barksdale, Sharing Journey with the World

coreyOne day we will realize, its ok to be ourselves, I can be the greatest at being someone else, but I’d rather be me, because I love myself”, The best person, I can be is me” . Can you relate to these words? If most of us were to be honest, the answer would be yes. Well, these authentic words flow directly from the pen of Gospel Artist, Singer, Songwriter and Speaker, Corey Barksdale, who like many, was challenged by personas and chose to stay true to himself and God’s blueprint.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Corey’s journey is no cliché but real life creatively expressed through his music. As a vocalist and songwriter, he’s had his share of God ordained connections, from collaborating with Dove Award nominee Jonathan McReynolds, to sharing the stage with the Ö-vik Big Band in Sweden and his lead vocal contribution on Mark Hubbard and the Voices’ single “For My Good”.

Corey Barksdale has also made several National Television appearances on the Word Network, TBN and the TCT Network.Tagged as a soulful, dynamic and anointed vocalist, Corey’s desire is for listeners to gain a stronger faith in God, through submission, worship, praise and self-love.

Grateful is just a small word to describe Corey’s feelings and recently, while out on the road, he was asked to expound on his music, songwriting and background during an interview with Bob Marovich of the Black Gospel Blog.

During the interview, Corey shared the first song he wrote and what inspired him: “The first song I wrote was called, “Best Praise”, the heart of the song is, God you’re worthy, in spite of me being unworthy,  I can’t give you what you deserve but I at least I can give you my best”.

In addition to his love for music, Corey stated that he was introduced to business and entrepreneurship while attending Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep Academy and this pursuit was pushed by family more than music.  “As soon as I would speak of going into business and corporate America, others felt it would be more secure and felt it would be the better option for me.”

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As a new artist, Corey was asked about his connection with Gospel Artist, Jonathan McReynolds, “I met Jonathan McReynolds in 2009 on the campus of Columbia College in Chicago, after hearing each other at a rehearsal. Jonathan invited me to hear the song “Why” and asked me to write a verse and record the song with him. We’ve been friends for the last 5 years.”

Corey later described his style of singing and songwriting, “I would describe it as soulful. Even though, I can give a soft approach to a song in the beginning, generally by the end of it, I’m going to be singing my heart out. My lyrics will always be very honest, if I were to have a conversation with God, you’ll hear that in my songs.”

The interview concluded with a snippet of Corey’s new song “You’re Irreplaceable”, a melodic love letter written to God by Barksdale.

“I have on multiple occasions, replaced God, I’ve worshiped a person, habit, favorite thing or place. God should always come first in your life, God is your source, why would you look to someone else or something else, more than you do him.”  “He’s irreplaceable!”

So what’s next for Corey Barksdale? On, Sunday, January 26th, Corey will fellowship with and sing at New Zion Temple Church’s for their 7th Year Anniversary, 926 Morris St., Hammond, IN. A few weeks later, on Wednesday, February 12th, Corey will also visit TBN for a interview and performance.

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