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Interview: Backstage at the 2014 Stellar Awards with Kierra Sheard

Check out this interview with Gospel’s sweetheart, Kierra Sheard, backstage at the 2014 Stellar Awards in Nashville. As always, the young star’s humble and loving personality shines through as she discusses future plans, “The Sheards” and much more!



  1. Tanuke Music

    February 26, 2014 at 1:54 PM


  2. Charmayne

    February 27, 2014 at 1:40 AM

    The idea of working with secular writers, producers, singers, and promoters for GOSPEL music will forever be nonsensical and a deception. Kierra believes that by creating a Gospel album under the direction of the “secular world” is “somehow” going to reach nonBelievers for Christ—this is false on SO many levels. Why? Those who “love” the concepts of the secular world are an “enemy” of GOD. Thus, how can they create “anything” that will “please” a HOLY God? It is time for CHRISTian Artists to wake-up and stop falling into the snares/traps of Satan. He does not want the world, but the people of God. I will continue to keep Kierra and the ENTIRE Sheard family in prayer.
    Peace & Grace

    • Mary

      March 1, 2014 at 7:51 PM

      Now if THIS ain’t the Holy Ghost, I don’t know!!! (But you do realize that you and I are quickly becoming the “minority” in the church, right?) Don’t matter….you have directed an arrow at the heart of the one of the biggest deceptions the enemy has instituted in God’s church!!!

      As an Intercessor, it grieves me in ways that words can never express, to see how the church and the world are so entwined, that you can barely tell them apart. Gospel singers sample the world’s chords, music, songs, style…lifestyle was the next, logical and inevitable move.

      The more I pray for the church, an even bigger issue comes to light: the church is filled with people that it’s leaders barely acknowledge – let alone, speak to. But when celebrities and worldly folk come into the House of God, they are honored, feted, praised and held up as someone we should admire and aspire to emulate. That’s backward. And sick.

      The Word of the Lord says: “Like people, like priests.” Our pastors are pretty much prayer-less (there is no way under the HEAVENS these pastors can maintain a prayer life and a nearly fully booked calendar – I don’t care what NOBODY say)… they’re carnal, lustful, lust-filled, self-involved, self-serving, untrustworthy imitations of leadership with lots of members, recognition and Swagg, but very little that resembles love Christ has for his church. And the people of God…for the most part, look exactly like their pastors.

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