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Half Mile Home’s CD, “Church Muzik & Inspiration” in Stores on Election Day

The Ohio-based gospel group Half Mile Home releases a new CD, Church Muzik & Inspiration today, Election Day, November 6.  The three members of the musically self-contained group—Terence Burton (lead vocalist, drummer and songwriter), Todd Burton (pianist and producer), and Darryl Brownlee (lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter)—grew up as “church boys” in Akron, Ohio.

The new 14-track CD offers a wide range of music from praise and worship songs to traditional and contemporary gospel to inspirational music. However, in many ways, Half Mile Home’s powerful sound defies categorization. All of the songs on the CD were written by Half Mile Home members. The new single, “So Good,” was written by Terence, who uses the tune from Billy Preston’s 1970s hit, “Nothing From Nothing,” as the bases of a song that celebrates how good God is. “The tune is familiar, so it grabs people’s attention,” he says. “They think we’re going to sing one thing, but then we’re talking about how good God is.  Not enough people talk about how good God is, and we need to start talking more about it. We need to be encouraging. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this song.”

“Change My Life,” with its R&B style and uplifting message, was released as a single in 2010 and was a hit on both gospel and urban radio. “One of the most difficult things people face in life is the need to change,” says Terrence, who also penned this song. “This song reminds us that before we can change our lives, our direction, our habits and surroundings, we must first ask God to help us change ourselves.”

“Super Jesus” blends a contemporary gospel sound with the classic cultural theme of super heroes to convey the message that Jesus is who you call on when you are in need. “When we are in trouble, the first thing we do is call on Jesus—before we call 911, and we want people—especially young people—to understand that Jesus is the greatest super hero,” says Todd, who wrote the song.  “We Worship Only You,” a simple but compelling contemporary praise and worship song, is followed by the foot-stomping, hand-clapping, traditional gospel quartet style song, “Won’t Let Him Go,” and “Call Him Up,” a traditional gospel Sunday morning worship song. “Testimony,” a song the group wrote together, riffs off of the testimonies that have traditionally been a part of the Sunday worship experience, but does it with an up-t0-date, harmonic R&B musical style.

“What Would You Do” is a powerful and provocative song that challenges listeners to consider whether they would be willing to do what Jesus did—give their lives for the sake of the whole world. The last four songs on the album are offerings with a decidedly urban twist. Half Mile Home members describe the energetic and up-tempo “Let’s Get It Going,” as a “straight up praise party for Jesus song”, and it features local rapper 52 Keys. The R&B style “Anything For You,” and the hip-hop style “Even” both attest to the power of a loving and forgiving God. “Time,” the final song on the album, reminds people that our time on this earth is short, and admonishes us to use that time wisely by appreciating God’s gifts, such as family, and by doing some good in the world.

The group is traveling the country promoting their new CD.  The video “So Good” is currently featured on national and online media outlets.

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