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Grammy Award-Nominated Vocalist Lisa Page Brooks Debuts in Top 30 w/ New Single, “God Thing”

LisaPageBrooks (1)Habakkuk Music recording artist Lisa Page Brooks’ latest classic “God Thing” has debuted in the Top 30 on the Gospel Indicator Chart. The finger-snapper debuted at #29 last week and is #30 with a bullet this week. The tune hails from Brooks’ new CD “Ready” that was released a few weeks ago and continues to build momentum for the legendary recording artist.

“It speaks about a person having a dream,” the Detroit native says of the infectious urban melody. “It talks about going to California because the sun was calling me but right here where I was is the safest place to be and I thought I really knew what was best for me but in the center of his will he supplied my every need. You know how we get carried away it may be a good thing but you need to make sure it’s a God thing.”

The grooving track was produced by Brook’s longtime producer/husband, Michael Brooks, a founding member of the legendary `80s contemporary gospel band Commissioned. “I like working with my husband because we sing not only scripture based music but it tells a story and reaches the heart,” she explains. “If you give a problem in a song you have to also give the solution. I’m not putting anyone else’s music or lyrical content down because if it encourages or promotes Jesus I’m all for it. I don’t care what the beat is. If it gives hope or life I’m with it. My point is I don’t want to sing about I cant pay my bills and not tell you how you can pay them.”

Brooks was a founding member of the Grammy Award nominated `80s quartet Witness that created contemporary gospel hits such as “Clap Your Hands” and “Standard.”  Brooks launched a solo career in the late `90s and has enjoyed radio hits such as “God is Good,” “Waiting” and “I Want To Say Thank You.” For more information on Lisa Page Brooks or other Habakkuk Music artists, log online at

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