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Gospel Jazz Artist Terrence Richburg Pens Riveting Novel On Relationships

terrencebookMany know Terrence Richburg as a gifted bassist, songwriter, producer and Gospel Jazz artist.  As one half of the Gospel Jazz duo, R&R, Richburg has wowed audiences with his inspirational smooth jazz stylings.  In addition to being an artist and instrumentalist, he is the President of RichEscape Music, an independent record label and a production and publishing company.  The nephew of the late Jazz songstress Ronnie Wells and the son of the late John and Wilhemina Richburg, members of the ground-breaking Richburg Singers, Terrence has music in his blood.  What many don’t know is that Richburg is a gifted writer and he’s poured his heart into his first book entitled, Intimacy: Missing ‘Peace’ In The Puzzle Of True Love & Close Relationships.

In Intimacy: Missing ‘Peace’ In The Puzzle Of True Love & Close Relationships, those who have witnessed the “breakdown” of life and relationships will find clues to solve “the puzzle” and put all the pieces back together again.  Readers, through the musician and author’s writings, will be able to explore the true power of intimacy and investigate why God’s view of intimacy is so essential, both for today and for all eternity.

Filled with wisdom and unforgettable short stories, Intimacy is a clever mixture of fiction and non-fiction, an episodic experience for the reader.  In Intimacy, Richburg takes us on an emotional rollercoaster through the twists and turns of characters like Chris and Amanda, whose dreams help them to understand what true gratitude is and Mathew Kidd, a public defender, and his wife Janet, whose narrative is nothing short of an on-the-edge of-your-seat thriller.  And who can forget the swarthy prize-fighter, Tony, who finds love in the most unexpected places.  With each character, Terrence weaves subtle yet profound messages.

When asked about why he decided to write Intimacy, he says he wanted to share lessons he’s learned concerning relationships. “As you get older, you start to think about legacy, and what you’ll leave behind,” shares Richburg.  “The most valuable thing we leave behind is our relationships.  One of the things I am grateful my parents left me was their love for music, but they also left valuable lessons about relationships and how to love.  By writing this book, I wanted to pass on what I’ve learned from them yet do it in a creative way.”

“As a musician and a lyricist, I write in a way that tells a story,” he explains.  “Writing a novel isn’t very different from writing a song.  You write from a place of emotion and you want the listener to go to that place each time they hear that song.  It’s the same with books.  You want the story to take the reader to a place, but with a book, you have time to pull the reader in and convey a message in a more subtle way.”

A prolific songwriter, Richburg also has lyrics to songs in the book, with each song tying into a theme demonstrated in Intimacy. He will be releasing a brand new CD of love songs inspired by the book in February 2014, set to coincide with the month of love.

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Intimacy: Missing ‘Peace’ In The Puzzle Of True Love & Close Relationships can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris.  For more information about Terrence Richburg, log on to

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