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Gospel Group Aaron Clark & Ministry Encourage Believers With Walk In Their Destiny With “No Fear, All Faith”

unnamed-28Walking in faith is never easy. Even though the Bible tells us not to be afraid, fear is something many believers struggle with. Gifted singer, songwriter and ensemble leader Aaron Clark has had his share of fearful times, but he’s determined to put it behind him. Through his upcoming musical release, No Fear, All Faith, he wants others to do the same. Having shared the stage with DeWayne Woods and featured at John P. Kee’s VIP Conference, Aaron Clark & Ministry is prepping the body of Christ and future attendees of the live recording with the phrase, “No Fear, All Faith”. The group is determined to eradicate the spirit of fear from the people of God.
Aaron has had many personal experiences with fear and there was a time when he allowed it to control him. “God told me that with what He has in store for me, I had to let fear go,” shares the worship leader. “If you allow it, fear will rob you of so many blessings. There were so many opportunities that were presented to me that I turned down. Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t worthy and other times I felt that because I didn’t sing or play like other people, I shouldn’t pursue opportunities that God was giving me. It was only later on that I realized what I was missing out on. If you let it, fear will cripple you from all the wonderful things that God has for you. Many times I have heard Christians say, ‘God has my life’. But for some, fear has their lives. Everything they do is channeled through that spirit of fear. People don’t realize that they are doing it. I want to remind people that if they walk in it, faith will trump fear every time.”
Now free of fear, he is walking in his purpose. Part of that purpose is his group, Ministry. Based out of Springfield, OH, Aaron Clark & Ministry started in 2007. Known as a dynamic singing aggregation, the ensemble became regional favorites with the release of their 2009 debut, Min. Aaron Clark & Ministry: The New Beginning. Clark, inspired to start the group to present his songs, was the project’s principle songwriter and arranger. Tracks like the up-tempo “I’m Free” and the soft balladry of “You’re Not Alone” showcased the group’s versatility and flaunted their ease of flowing from praise to worship, not to mention multiple genres. The ensemble dropped their sophomore CD, Conquerors: We Always Win! in 2012. The CD’s title tune caught the ears of many as did the churchy track, “Shift”. Much more than just a powerful singing group, they are recognized for tackling real life issues in their songs, always drawing the listener to Christ.
For Aaron Clark, music is more than a skill or a gift; he sees it as a vehicle to bring others to Christ. He also believes a lifestyle should accompany a minstrel’s ministry. “We deliver far more than music that invokes praise and worship,” shares Aaron. “We are committed to living a lifestyle of worship, believing that an example of Christ in our everyday walk is what wins souls and changes lives. We are called to create an environment that God is used to. That’s a place where worship and praise take place. It’s only in those environments that God can dwell in comfortably.”
It’s the godly lives the group strives to live off stage that really testifies to their relationship with God. Since their inception, Aaron Clark & Ministry have been blessing audiences in their area and beyond including Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania and others. Fans of the artists have also seen them minister on Christian television programs including the Hour of Harvest on the Christian Television Network, Atlanta Live on WATC-TV and the Kraze TV show.
In addition to his role as the leader of Aaron Clark & Ministry, he is also the Assistant Minister of Music and the multi-talented musician at Restored Life Ministries in Springfield, under the leadership of Pastor Larry D. Coleman. Years before taking on leadership positions in music ministry, he began his musical journey by playing the drums and other percussive instruments at church. He also learned to play keyboards and the organ. His father is a drummer, too, and owns a recording studio, a perk that Aaron has enjoyed since his teens. Now music and ministry are his vocations. He is an ordained preacher as well as a music teacher and student chaplain at Springfield Christian School.
Aaron Clark & Ministry will be holding their live recording for the project, No Fear, All Faith, on March 31, 2017 at Fellowship Church (2301 Valley Loop Road, Springfield, OH 44501).  The event starts at 7:30PM with doors opening at 7:00PM. The following day, April 1st, Clark will hold his 2nd Annual Levite Connection Music Workshop. The workshop will be held at St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church (34 W. Pleasant St., Springfield, OH 45506) is targeted for local church choir members and musicians with a goal of helping build church music and arts departments. Targeted to worship and praise teams as well, the workshop seeks to connect music leaders with others in similar roles.
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