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Gospel Artist Sharetta-Nicole Drops New Single, “B.O.S.S. (Better Off Saving Souls)”

SHARETTAAtlanta-based Gospel artist Sharetta-Nicole was bitten by the music bug as a youngster.  A musician, guitarist and songwriter, she honed her musical talents like many, within the four walls of the church. Now the award-winning vocalist is dropping her first single entitled “B.O.S.S. (Better Off Saving Souls)” and it’s a musical collage featuring Gospel, rap and dance music.  The brand new single, the first from her forthcoming sophomore release, will be available on iTunes on Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

Standing for “Better Off Saving Souls,” “B.O.S.S.” was inspired by the crucifixion of Christ.  Sharetta-Nicole penned the song and says, “To me, a BOSS is someone who can endure and still come out on top,” she says.  “That’s exactly what Jesus Christ did on the cross.”  The bold and infectious track flaunts Sharetta-Nicole’s strong vocals.

The fact that Sharetta-Nicole is singing at all is a testament to God’s amazing power.  She has experienced pain few can imagine.  Growing up in Detroit, she was one of ten children.  As a child, she was molested by a brother and an uncle. At the age of twelve, she watched her father die before her eyes, succumbing to a stroke, the result of a dental procedure less than 24 hours before.  Shortly after her father’s passing, a niece died in her sleep and another niece and nephew passed away in a house fire.  Her challenges did not end there.

She says, “Six months later, a week after my 13th birthday, I lost my mother.  My mother and my sister were kidnapped and taken to a vacant house on the eastside of Detroit.  My sister was raped and my mother was shot in the head and killed.  Following the death of my mother, my oldest brother died of AIDS.  I felt like I had lost everything.  I felt completely alone. I was hurting continuously and in my darkest hour I contemplated and even attempted suicide. In spite of it all, God brought Christian people into my life who brought me hope.  I found Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, when I was 15 and have been serving him ever since.”

It’s her excitement about the Lord that has her singing.  An Urban Inspiration Award Winner and a multiple nominee for Atlanta’s Hottest Gospel Award, the Independent Gospel Artist Alliance Award and the Rhythm of Gospel Award, she released her debut record, Level One: Jeremiah 29:11, to rave reviews.  Now she’s putting the finishing touches on her as-yet-untitled upcoming release.  The next song to be released is the worship anthem, “Holy”, a moving and reverent track, which is already a favorite at Sharetta-Nicole’s live performances.

One of the industry’s most talked-about new comers, she’s been blessed to open up for Canton Jones, Rance Allen, Earnest Pugh and Martha Munizzi.  Thrilled about the doors God has opened, Sharetta-Nicole is grateful. “I’m committed to serving the Lord through the life that I am living, through my very existence and through this ministry,” she shares.  “God is doing great things in my life. This journey has not been easy but through it all, God has been by my side. I will forever give Him the praise.”

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For more information about Sharetta-Nicole, log on to  Connect with her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@sharettanicole).

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