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Gospel Artist-Henry Hall and New DimensionSays Balance is Needed as a Music Artist and Minister

unnamed-140Rebel Hill Music’s new Gospel Artist, Henry Hall and New Dimension has been afforded countless opportunities to encourage others as a music artist and ministry leader. Since releasing their new hit radio single, “You Were There”, the group continues to operate in dual roles, while gaining deeper insight on the importance of maintaining both roles.

As a music artist and ministry leader, Henry Hall was recently interviewed by the online Gospel Media site, The Gospel Source, where he was asked to share his thoughts on the difference between music ministry and artistry.

During the interview, The Gospel Source asked: What differences do you see between music ministry and artistry?

Henry Hall: There are certainly differences between music ministry and artistry. Ministry is to serve whereas artistry entails more of your skill, talent and performance. Singing or ministering in church is different from singing to a large crowd of people from various backgrounds, cultures and musical tastes. I think the best situation is when you can have a balance of both ministry and artistry intertwined.

Throughout the thought provoking interview, Henry also opened up about his introduction to the music industry in 2001 and how he balances working in full time ministry at his home church in New Jersey.

Henry Hall and New Dimension are not backing down from their call to serve God’s people as an artist and ministry leader, as they share their new music and message of hope and the power of God’s love.

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