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Gospel Artist Conrad Miller Encourages Believers to Hold on and “Keep Pressing”

conradWith the beginning of fall, 2013 is beginning its wind-down.  Many of us had hopes and dreams for the year that haven’t come to pass yet.  Maybe we received a word from God that hasn’t manifested yet and we’re tempted to give up and give in.  Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution that we forgot about in February.  Or maybe it’s something heartbreaking like the loss of someone special.  Whatever it may be, Gospel artist Conrad Miller has a word for you: Keep Pressing.

The Philadelphia-based Gospel artist knows what it’s like to want to give up.  He’s experienced loss and heartache, but he also has seen God heal broken hearts and restore minds.  His music ministry reflects God’s healing.  Miller’s new CD is called Keep Pressing.  Produced by GRAMMY, Stellar and Dove Award Winner Steven Ford, the project is filled with songs of encouragement and tunes to help the weary Christian persevere.

The title tune, “Keep Pressing”, penned by Ford is a perfect motivator.  Miller sings in the first verse, “I know it’s not easy trying to make it from day to day; stress and depression is reality. You say I can’t make it and sometimes I must agree.  For the cares of this world seem to defeat every victory.  But you gotta Keep Pressing.”  The song’s soft yet uplifting grooves inspire the listener and are a reminder of the power that God has placed within us.

Having experienced the suicide of his 16-year old daughter a few years ago, Conrad knows the struggles people encounter after facing a devastating, life-altering blow.  For Conrad, the goal of the new CD is to provide the listener with hope and to remind people to keep their faith in God in sight at all times.  “Everybody needs encouragement,” shares Miller. “Even though I am so excited about what we’ve done musically, my hope is that the lyrics touch people.  I want people to be uplifted; I want them to feel God’s touch in their spirits after listening to Keep Pressing.”

The Doylestown, PA, resident, an accomplished singer, composer, arranger, recording artist, deacon and choir member has always used music to inspire others.  Many became familiar with his ministry through the release of his debut project, My Journey.  Songs like “Amazing”, “Breathe On Me” and the favorite “Momma Prayed For Me” blared from radios all over the country.  With the release of his brand new CD, Conrad spreads his musical wings a bit including more contemporary songs on Keep Pressing.

Hailing from North Little Rock, AR, but growing up in Grambling, LA, Conrad exhibited musical talent from an early age. He started piano lessons at the age of 5 and trumpet lessons at the age of 8.  Honing his musical skills in the church, he began singing seriously at the age of 12, when the adult choir director at the family’s home church asked him to join the adult choir. While in school, Conrad grew musically, singing in a variety of choirs and small ensembles, and playing in bands and jazz ensembles. It was in high school that Conrad began his serious pursuit of singing, starting an R&B group along with his brother Doug, an accomplished jazz saxophonist and member of The Count Basie Orchestra, and several other schoolmates. Their group, The Soulful Seven, performed throughout the US over a 5-year time span and was signed to a recording contract with MGM Records, where they were labelmates with Lou Rawls, The Righteous Brothers, and Donny and Marie Osmond, to name a few.  The group also appeared on national television several times.

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Conrad’s musical training continued at Fort Hays Kansas State University where he studied voice with Donald Everette and trumpet under James Olcott. Receiving a full scholarship to do graduate work in voice and opera at The University of Michigan, he sang in the Michigan Men’s Glee Club, the Chamber Choir, and sang lead tenor roles in several operas. While there, Conrad had the privilege of performing solos at Carnegie Hall in New York City and The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.  He also performed recitals and solos in Europe and the Canary Islands.  It was also in Ann Arbor that Conrad’s composing skills began to surface.  One of his R&B songs, “Carla, My Love”, became a hit for the nationally-renowned group, The Softones.  In spite of his songwriting success, for almost 20 years, he put his pen down, still continuing to sing in choirs and as a guest vocalist.

In early 2001, Conrad rededicated his life to the Lord, and after years of not writing songs, his muse re-emerged.  Even with songs, this time Gospel, flowing out of him constantly, he was hesitant to step out as an artist. But ultimately it was the untimely death of his daughter Lauren that made him realize how short life is and that he “had no more excuses” in not releasing his songs to the world.

Miller is principal songwriter on Keep Pressing, a musical collection which contains a mix of soulful, heart-stirring songs including “He’ll Never Let You Down” and “Our Prayer”, inspired by The Lord’s Prayer.  Miller also covered two well-known songs on the project, “Amazing Grace” and “Center of My Joy”.  In addition, songwriter Jacki Cordery was brought in to share her tunes, “I’m Living” and “Without Fail“.

The first single from the CD was “I Need You”.  A rhythmic track with a downhome feel, the song’s lyrics speak of the singer’s strong desire for the Lord.  The up-tempo cut is perfect as a praise team opener on Sunday morning.  Providing a dose of joy for the downhearted, Miller also gives the listener “Lift Your Voices”.  This second single from the project brings to mind one of David’s psalms.  The track is a jubilant and cheerful reminder to raise our voices with joy and adoration, to express praise to our God.  It’s a lively cut that’s wrapped in a catchy hook.

For Miller, it all comes down to one thing: encouragement.  He says, “Everybody needs encouragement.  I want people to be uplifted.  My desire is that this CD touch people’s spirits.”

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When it gets tough, Conrad Miller wants Christians to “hang in there” and trust that God will make a way.  When giving up seems the only option, he asks believers to turn to the Word of God.  Scripture is the crux of Keep Pressing.  Philippians 3:14 says, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  Keep Pressing!

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