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Deitrick Haddon’s LXW on a Mission to Recharge Choir Music

BET Celebration of Gospel 2014 - Show


Deitrick Haddon is about to release a project that will wow young audiences with its powerful, catchy songs and take older audiences down a memory lane, reminding them of what Gospel music is all about. This album answers the questions that choir music aficionados have been asking in recent years: “Will choir music sound get back into the mainstream Gospel?” “Will there be any new songs that my choir can sing?”

An innovative thinker, Haddon has found the answer by deciding to go back-to-basics and combining his cutting-edge style with the classic choral sound to form… Deitrick Haddon’s LXW (League of Xtraordinary Worshippers).

Choirs have long been associated with Gospel music. For some time, that is the sound that dominated airwaves and churches.  For the past 20+ years, however, a myriad of sub-genres have been ushered in such as: ‘praise and worship’; ‘contemporary’, ‘urban’; ‘jazz’ and even ‘hip hop’.  All of which provided Gospel music with an audience that it has never attracted before, shifting the focus completely away from its foundational sound (the choir) an unfortunate side effect.

Haddon remembers a time when choirs had a stronger presence in the African-American church.   “Every fifth Sunday was Youth Sunday,” said Deitrick. “Young people had a platform, and they had music that was made specifically for them. I want to bring that back.”

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He plans to do just that with the release their self-titled debut. LXW has already set the tone with their current radio single, “Great God”, a simple song about the awesomeness of God, and how He is able to do anything.  The group will perform this hot single on April 6th during BET’s 2014 Celebration of Gospel this Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT. Check your local listings for more information.

Fans can now pre-order the project via iTunes or Amazon MP3. Those who do so before April 22nd,  will be able to instantly download “Great God”

Deitrick Haddon’s LXW debut digital album, CD and concert DVD will be in stores and online April 22nd.

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