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Deitrick Haddon’s ‘A Beautiful Soul’ Explores the “In-Between” Heaven and Hell

There have been countless of books written and movies shown that have presented experiences where one has given an account of being in a place that’s neither on earth nor Heaven/Hell – a place commonly known as “the in-between”.  While this topic is intriguing to some, it is highly debated by many. While many question the very existence of this place technically known as “limbo” or “purgatory”, there are authors and movie directors that use either real life experiences or pure imagination to bring this belief to life.


Film director Jeff Byrd (Soul Food series, King’s Ransom), vividly paints a picture by use of his interpretation/imagination about the ‘in –between” phase.  In the movie “A Beautiful Soul”, R&B superstar Andre Stephens (Deitrick Haddon) is on top of the world. He has success, fame and fortune but spiritually he has lost his way. However, his “perfect” world is shattered when his entourage is brutally attacked, leaving Andre and his best friend Chris Johnson (Robert Ri’chard) clinging to life. As his very existence hangs in the balance, Andre goes on a spiritual journey to a place that is neither on Earth nor in Heaven. It is in “this place” that he is given an opportunity to reevaluate his life, his faith and discover a beautiful soul.


What are your thoughts concerning the “in-between”. Does it exist? Have you ever experienced this phase or know someone who has?


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Be sure to check out Deitrick Haddon’s A Beautiful Soul, available on DVD August 21, 2012.


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