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Deitrick Haddon Selects “Incomplete” as Second ‘A Beautiful Soul’ Single

Impacting radio now is the new single, “Incomplete” featuring, newcomer Adia from the CD, Deitrick Haddon presents Voices of Unity, A Beautiful Soul-Music Inspired by the Motion Picture. “Incomplete” is a musically narrated story of how our lives would be without God. The very thought of living without Him is like not breathing, eating, living, loving and without God we are Incomplete.

We live life everyday, taking for granted that God is the source of all that we receive and encounter. From the moment we wake up, He is present and His spirit gives us strength to take on the impossible and to love the unlovable.

The consistent theme throughout the song is that, we have been the unlovable, but God continues to love us so that our lives will be complete with Him. The track “Incomplete” does not hit you with the typical musical one, two punch, but it leaves with you the thought that you are nothing without God.

Adia’s vocals are sweet and sincere, yet poignant enough to vocally deliver a message needed for Body of Christ. Its lyrics are not hard to grasp and will surely linger in the minds and hearts of listeners:

“Broken down I came to you, you took my heart and made it new, broke the chains that bonded me, gave me life and now I am complete.”

“Imagine a symphony without the strings, Imagine the perfect melody without the beat, it would be complete.”

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“If he never sent his Son to save us, what if He never forgave us, or never loved a sinner like me, all we’d be is Incomplete. That was me!”

Like many other songs from the A Beautiful Soul CD, “Incomplete” brings you back to the essence of what is most important in life, which is being complete with God.

Deitrick Haddon’s A Beautiful Soul DVD and CD are both available in stores now.

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