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Deitrick Haddon Explores Church Motives in Film “A Beautiful Soul”, In Stores August 21st

In the Tyscot/ManHaddon Film “A Beautiful Soul”, Andre Stephens, played by Deitrick Haddon struggled with being connected to the church for fear of being manipulated and hurt.  Andre’s struggle is very common and continues to plague the Body of Christ.

In the film, Andre questioned the motives of the church and refused to attend, until his best friend Chris (Robert Ri’chard) convinced him to attend Bishop Noel Jones’ church City of Refuge.

Although he agreed to attend, Andre’s perception didn’t change. He was very vocal in how he felt and even stated: “the Church is for people who are looking for a pie in the sky and want to be brain-washed by the Pastor”.

Chris did everything he could to show Andre the positive side of church, but Andre chose to believe that the church’s goal was to manipulate people for a financial gain. Later in the scene, Andre’s thoughts were escalated when Bishop Jones extended the invitation for him to join his congregation.

The question is: Why did Andre feel this way about church and why did he fight so hard?

Andre’s thoughts of the church’s motives stemmed from the hurt he endured as a child. It wasn’t until Andre had to face his own death, that he opened his mind to the truth.

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Just like Andre, many people have a certain perception of the church and remain distant for fear of being controlled and hurt. Andre’s journey led him to first re-connect with God and later with the Body of Christ. By allowing himself to be healed from his past, he opened his heart to those who wanted to show him true love.

There are various reasons why people remain unconnected to the church, but connecting with God first helps to cancel out unwarranted thoughts of ungodly motives from anyone.

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Directed by Jeff Byrd (“Soul Food “ TV series), the film also stars Harry Lennix (“The Matrix Revolutions”), Robert Ri’chard (“Coach Carter”), Lesley Ann Brandt (“Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”), and Barry Floyd (“The Game”). Currently available in stores and on-line is the Tyscot Records CD release of “A Beautiful Soul (Music Inspired by the Motion Picture) from Deitrick Haddon presents Voices of Unity, which contains original music by Deitrick Haddon, Kierra Sheard, Canton Jones, Fonzworth Bentley and Faith Evans, among others. The Top 30 gospel radio single, “No Betta” is a duet showcasing Deitrick Haddon and Faith Evans.

A Beautiful Soul PG-13 Rated Film on DVD will be available in stores and online August 21, 2012

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  1. Dean

    June 18, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    I pray that everyone has the opportunity to experience to connect with the Body of Christ.

  2. Keesha

    December 23, 2012 at 7:04 AM

    D.haddon is a joke. He wants to share the glory that belongs only to God. If this is your pastor….you need to find a different one ASAP. One who has the desires of God and not his own. Put haddon next to a rapper or other worldly artist….can you visibly see a difference?
    Can you put new wine in an old dirty bottle? No!!!! If what is on the inside is new/clean the outside must and should follow suit! This guy looks like he can share a stage with willow smith…..lady gaga, micheal jackson or usher.
    Both of his movies are about him and his voice not about true repentence, salvation, living a HOLY life that is pleasing to God. The focus is about haddon.

  3. Keesha

    December 23, 2012 at 7:11 AM

    Haddon is selling his followers short….it is impossible to serve two masters. One will be loved and the other despised. Yet people attempt to do it everyday. You cant look live and sound like the world and still attach god to it. It will fail!! It looks like success but remember god is not mocked! I pray this guy would humble himself and repent.

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