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David and Tamela Mann Urge Fans to Pray Tamar Braxton, Not Speculate About Marriage Problems

david-and-tamela-mannInstead of speculating about alleged marital problems between celebrity couple Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert, fellow Christian entertainers David and Tamela Mann are calling on people to pray.

“I say just keep them lifted up and everybody goes through some storms. I’m sure they’ve sat down and they’ve talked about it, because both of them seem like very reasonable people,” David said in an interview on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” on Monday.

“If she done went home and say ‘Baby, let’s work this out’ and he said ‘Baby, let’s work this out,’ we need to stay out of it and let them do they thing,” he added, nothing that he doesn’t know the Herbert’s personally.

Tamela, David’s gospel singing wife, agreed with her husband’s sentiments.

“Their business is their business,” she said. “You don’t know what they were doing. I mean, it’s just hearsay and plus, people add.”

Last month, TMZ reported that Braxton and Herbert were involved in an alleged domestic dispute and posted the recording of a 911 phone call placed by a friend of Braxton’s who said her music executive husband had bit her finger at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, and then fled in a taxi.

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Even though the Herberts have since been spotted together hand-in-hand, the Manns still offered them prayers.

“I’m praying that they just make it 28 years like us,” Tamela said. “We’re praying for you Vince and Tamar!”

Speaking about his marriage to Braxton with “Entertainment Tonight” earlier this summer, Herbert asserted, “When God blesses people, there are always people who are going to try to tear them down.”

When Braxton was questioned about her marriage by paparazzi at the LAX airport last week, she responded by saying: “I’m not even finna defend my relationship to anybody. Ever. This is a marriage,” she said. “This is not my boyfriend … this is my husband for 13 years, so everybody else can have several seats. … God is good.”


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